All in Due Time

June 12, 2012

I so want to get back on here and start a “tab” if it were.  I have a flood of ideas, and a host of new characters to bring to the bar. But I’m so darned busy.  And what has happened to most of my favorite blogs? When I try to comment, it messes up. 

I was in Florida for a couple weeks recently. Some say its just hot, but I love it.  I even looked at a few properties in the Bradenton area along the Manatee River and on Anna Maria Island.  I really love it there.

Anyway, I’m here. Thinking of all of you.




Happy Holidays from Oscars Tavern!

December 28, 2011

Hi!  Happy Holidays!!!

How are you?  Thought we’d take over Oscars personal blog to bring you up to speed on the going’s on here. Yes the Tavern still exists!  Well its moved, but not ready yet.  That picture is near where we’ve decided to move the Tavern.

Pull up a stool! Mind the mess…

What can I get you?

Todays Special is Three Olives Cherry Vodka!    Its one of our new bartenders favorites! She likes it with Diet Coke.

We’ve been so busy lately with life that we just haven’t had the time to sit and put words down here. Oh certainly a lot of ideas. But they come when I’m not by a PC or iPad.

Charlene is currently down in the Sunshine State. Visiting family.  She’s been a busy gal.  Our newer bartender Elaine has been filling in. She’s a beauty. Melts all the guys with just a look.  LOL   She definately shakes things up here in this rusty saloon!

I went through a brief bout of illness recently. Came unexpected. Just when you think you’re still a spry guy, life reminds you that you are over 50. (not much)

Christmas here was a nice event. No big parties like we usually do. With me under the weather and Charlene away, it was quiet but enjoyable. Just a few of us were together. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed each others’ company.  Probably the way it should be.  How was yours?  Leo came by and we celebrated Channukah as well. 

I’m taking this week off to relax. My goal is to be ready to kick some butt for the new year.

I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year!   Let’s hope its a great year full of promise, hope and health!

See ya soon!



Hi!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Channukah!  (Ok what is it…Hannukah or Channukah?)  I buy (C)Hannukah cards for my Jewish friends and they have both as well.  Sorry for the late wishes. But as a friend explained to me, Christmas is 12 days. (ie: 12 Days of Christmas)  So it’s still Christmastime.  We end our festivities with Three Kings Day.  Makes sense.

Having been to Florida so many times this year, I am continually getting more and more tired of cold weather.  Especially snow.  I figure I should live in a warm climate, and “visit” cold when I want. 

“Cris-cross.  I’ll kill your wife, you throw momma off the train”.

 This is why Oscars Tavern is being re-located to the Gulf coast of Florida.  We’re gonna change it up a bit. It will be completely different but still have its…”charm”….LOL.   

During my hospital stay (4 days) I was victim to daytime television.  DO the networks really think we are that stupid?  I was so glad the hospital had WIFI.  I had my iPad brought to me. There was one good program I found. The local New York News for CW/PIX. They have this perty anchor woman. Jodi Applegate. She made the normal news interesting.  Plus she has this odd sense of humor.  So now I watch that when I can.

I’m relaxing this week. Getting myself back in shape.  Walked 2 miles yesterday and today. They’re raising a house a couple blocks away. I will walk again to see how they’re doing.  Stuff like that is interesting to me.  Thats what they do here in my neighborhood. They remove the old small houses and put up McMansions.

I realized yesterday my registration for my truck and my drivers license both expired. Should fix that.

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!


I am a closet Fairyland Player

December 6, 2011

Ssshhh! I am! I use my grandsons account and play Fairyland on Facebook. Ok. My cousin from L.A. Got me into it. To me it has really not much to do with faries. I just like planting the garden and am vowed to beat her in the game! Ssshhhhhh!

This is an ipad post. Not pretty. I told a Friend I’d write a post while I’m here in the hospital getting test. Oh no worries….

Thanks for reading! Insert snoopy here. ————————->.


Unlike playthings, a living creature cannot hide himself on an island

December 1, 2011

Oh Man.  December already. Seems yesterday I was in Florida relaxing at Holmes Beach near Bradenton with a cold Corona and a book.

Well you all know I hate cold weather. If man were meant to be in cold weather, he’d have covered us with hair like animals! As Yukon Cornelius says, “Not fit for man nor beast!”     (lick lick lick – eh.. nuthin’)

Yes its Rudolph time as well.  A staple here.  I actually have a small book on my desk with the entire dialog of the Rankin-Bass Epic Cinematic Wonder!   The show was broadcast the other night on CBS and I saw my daughter-in-law put it on for my grandaughter.  So I sat and watched as well, mimicking the dialog as it began.

On our television we have an option from Verizon that shows who’s calling on your screen.  During Rudolph it popped up, “Survey blah blah blah”  I grabbed the phone and said, “You NEVER call during Rudolph!”  The woman said laughing, “Oh I’m sorry, I’ll call again”.

Where were we….   “didn’t I ever tell you about Bumbles?  Yukon asked…  Bumbles Bounce!

Thanks for reading – brief – I know…


Safari’s and Tickles

November 15, 2011


Safari – Well I’ll tell you by the time I finish this post.

Sorry as always – I’m just gonna stop apologizing as you all know I’ve just been so busy.  My faithful 6 followers.  Eventually when the clouds disappear I’ll be more frequent.

As you know professionally I speak to people all over the world. A funny event happened recently that had us all wanting to bust but we couldn’t.  During a teleconference a woman from Brazil was having difficulties speaking as she had a “Tinkle In her throat”, so she said….    I wrote her a note afterward explaining its usually tickle.  Now when she clears her throat or anything like that we giggle like children.

I was in Florida recently for my birthday week, (Oct 31st) spending time with my daughter and family.  I always look at real estate there, I still love it.  Almost had a chance to meet the “Geezer”.   The voice of Sandy from Sandy says.  I was supposed to be in his area one day and I reached out to him. He was doing a book signing and told me to come on by!  Unfortunately plans changed. But next time I’ll be sure to make it there.  I understand he had Sandy with him.  Nice. He writes a great blog and is a published author. An interesting guy.

My friends looked at me oddly yesterday when I told them I painted my great room Oatlands Subtle  Taupe and Smoked Oyster.  Another friend thought it was an appetizer.

I am really enjoying Miranda Lambert’s new CD “Four the record”  Here’s one of my favorite songs!

Well thought I’d just say hi and wanted my little fan base to know I’m still here.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!

Oh BTW – I used Safari browser instead of Explorer to write this post – It worked!


October Already?

October 13, 2011

Time just flies faster and faster these days.  Yes, we’ve all said that a few hundred and 47 times.  I’ve thought about why time seems to pass.  Especially as we age. What is it?

Being an engineer, I applied some of my knowledge of systems to a theory.  C’mon inside my head. Wear a helmet and gloves.

Watch that wire there, I’m working on a USB port to transfer things from my brain to a PC.   My dentist said he couldn’t implant bluetooth.

Ok.   We all know that your senses bring your world to your brain.

Your brain takes in images, sounds, smells, sensations and other external stimuli.

Like a PC it processes input at a set rate. (we’re assuming the brain is digital) Lets call that our human sample rate. (HSR)

Let’s think about this for a minute.  Making up numbers, lets say that watching a television show takes 200 billion samples. During the newscast, your brain took in all of these samples consecutively and provided your experience. Like a film movie you have many still frames presented at a set speed consecutively, giving you the illusion of motion. On a television or monitor the time between each image is known as your refresh rate.

Got it?  Many images presented contiguously to simulate motion, or in this case life.

See full size image

(Put down that joint, this is not that forum)

It is a fact that children are most receptive to learning from about 6 months to 8 years old. Somewhere around there.  My grand-daughter absorbs flash cards like a sponge.  She is 2.

Her refresh/sample rate is high.

It is so fast that it stays up to rate with life.  Her environment seems to be forever.  She doesn’t want to go to bed!

As we age, our HSR gets slower.    So we essentially “miss” time as our brains weren’t refreshed.  Thus, time seems faster. The images accepted within the time frame are connected, eliminating the gaps.

But wait Oscar!   Why is it when you are having fun it seems faster as well?

Ah!  good point!    Your HSR is still reduced, but your focus is on the moment.

Low HSR reduces focus as well, but interest or excitement enhances focus. Which over-rides HSR.


Moral of this?

Keep your life interesting.  Keep yourself healthy. If it’s interesting you’ll retain focus. If you’re healthy, your HSR will maintain at a high level.

What?              I don’t know – sounds good to me.  Just a theory….

It sounds better in my head, and I’m still studying.See full size image

Thanks for attending this seminar, I’ll see you soon!


The Poop Deck

September 13, 2011

My youngest is home for the week and brought this with her.

Who seems to think the meaning of “Poop deck” is this….

No Zoey. 

In naval architecture, a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or “aft”, part of the superstructure of a ship. Not a place for you to poop. 

  I carried her off the deck and placed her on the grass. She stayed there and sniffed.  Good, I’ll go inside and wait for her by the door.  I hear her yip by the door and let her in.  Looked out on the deck and a fine little pile of dog excrement was beautifully place center square on the poop deck.

This little animal also loves to pick up her stainless steel bowl by her teeth, jump on the sofa and drop it on the floor. “Bayang yang yang yang yang…” as it spins to a halt – Causing us to almost replicate her deck sculpture.

She is a rambunctious “Puggle” puppy who has enough energy to provide 20 years constant megawatts to the NorthEast grid.  Did I tell you her bark or scream is worse!?!?

“Aw, grampa, you don’t love Zoey….”

I do.

When she’s at YOUR HOUSE!

Now I must point out that during my search for the proper definition of Poop Deck, I did stumble on this educational tid bit …..

Thumbnail  <————click on the picture.

Well O-kay then.

Where’s that dog…..

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you later!