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No I’m Not! Am I ?

February 1, 2013

Most days I stop at a Dunkin’ Donuts for a cup of coffee on my way to work.  Its a store I frequent and the people there don’t have to ask what I want. Medium coffee regular.  I walk in, say hello, pay for the coffee, say see ya later and I’m out the door.

Recently I went in and a new young woman was behind the counter.  Asked what I would like, I told her.  I gave her my debit card, she charged me $1.89.  Usually its $2.02.  I didn’t think much of it right away and walked out to my car. Put my cup into the cup holder, and started driving.  At the next  traffic light while stopped I looked at the reciept.  “senior discount”


This bugged me all day.  All of the other servers at the Dunkin Donuts store saw me as a …..  regular… wait.  Normal… no,   um….   Not a senior.  Do I look old?   I’m only 56.   My hair is mostly gray.  But….   Why all of a sudden….

The next day another server charged me $2.02.  I was happy.

The next day after, The young woman stated, “with that card you can get a free donut”.



I have an AARP card.  It was sent to me a couple years ago.  You just kinda get it after you turn 50.  So I filled it out. You can get discounts on stuff.  Why not.   She saw it in my wallet when I opened. it!

That was it.  Not that I look older!!!!

It think.


Thanks for reading!

See you soon!


2012, Work, Home, Sandy,BP,Nellie, Norman, Isabel, Gulf …. to name a few

November 19, 2012

Hi Everyone!  My last real post was quite a while ago.  I do enjoy writing them and do enjoy everyone’s comments.  I’ve even made a few friends! I miss it.

Knowing that I can only fit one blog into my schedule, I’m trying to decide which one stays.  (Cue The Clash)  I like Oscars Tavern, as it gives me flexibility to wing small thoughts under a theme.  Conditionally Satisfactory is me.  More open.  Not hiding behind the bar.  I would mix both as “Oscar” obviously but can’t decide which Blog Title to keep.  Any suggestions?

This post title is a summary or 2012.

Very busy at work. My real job. Overwhelmed.  A good thing to be in this economy.  I used to write these posts during meetings or lunch. Now I’m leading the meetings, and working through lunch.  (not much pay increase)   Still traveling once a month to Puerto Rico.

Home – Busy as well.  Trying to simplify, I’ll call it.   Without much success.  Still keeps me busy.

Sandy – More recent – Hit us. Thank God not much damage, 10 days with no electricity – Make you appreciate what you dont have!!

BP – Still battling high blood pressure.  Maintaining. I wanted to be rid of it by now…. 😦

Nellie – My schnauzer of 9 years just couldn’t keep on and sadly passed.  After spending thousands of dollars to keep her going I lost her.

Norman and Isabel – After a couple months of emptiness, I got a puppy(s).   Note to self:  Never try to train 2 dogs at once!

Took a few trips to Sunny Florida!  With 2 of my 3 kids there.  It keeps looking better and better.

Those are a few things to name that have kept me off the page.  I’ll go more into them as I try to write.

Thanks to those who hung in with me!

Wish me luck!

Thanks as always for reading!   Once I figure out what blog I’ll use, I plan to completely re-build!  May need your help!



1262 EWR SJU

August 24, 2011

1262 EWR SJU                        This was written last week. baby I’m gonna leave you. I said Baby you know I gonna leave you, leave you in the summer time. leave you when the summer comes a rollin’ leave you when the summer comes along…

Led Zeppelin.   I once counted how many times Robert Plant sang the word “baby”. I forget but it was a lot.

Spoiled traveler I am in coach. Upgrades didn’t work today.  I wasn’t even on standby.  Its a good flight. 7:15pm lands in San Juan 11:30. Go to hotel, check in, go to bed. Full day tomorrow.

Not adjusting well to the Continental funeral. That is United’s merger with them.  It was fine as Continental from my perspective. Now they are slowly wrecking it. Hey, when you fly as often as I do, its important.

I should complain…  I spent the last two weeks in sunny Florida working from my daughters new home on the gulf coast.  But I DID WORK!  And actually got more done.

This week in Puerto Rico, then a week back in the office, then a week on the OuterBanks of North Carolina. 

I’m fortunate.

My work is complicated. It’s global. 90% of my work is out of the continental United States. Hmmm.  98%.    50% is politics. The rest is experiance. Knowing how to make things happen.  I’m on the phone at least 40% of the time. To people all over the world. I take calls at 6:00am, 9;00pm.  Different hours from my tasks at Oscar’s Tavern. My goal.

So I did come to realize recently that a condo may not be so bad. I already pay someone to take care of my lawn, driveway and other outside stuff.  I visited some really nice 3 unit condos near Anna Maria Island recently. Harbour Isle. They were like homes. Three of the sides of the unit have windows. Two face the sound. Have breakfast and you will look at the water. No I can,t have a garden. I can hang tomatoes on my Lanai…   Relax more, less outdoor work. I won’t, have to worry about google Earth showing my green pool everytime anyone browses my neighborhood.   Oh thats a real fear! I am proud to say that when you Google or whatever my home, my pool is blue. These past two weeks with all the rain in the northeast, the pool needed attention. Someone….. forgot to add algecide and chlorine. Backwash the filter…   The condo’s have 3 pools and a beach. I don’t have to maintain them. PLUS they have a marina. I can put my boat in a slip. Yeah, I have to buy one first but this is a concern. Oh by the way they plan a resturant with a bayside bar… hmmmmm  this could be my gig. Has god sent me this?

WAIT  I don’t plan on retiring yet. Five more years.  Will they hold the unit soundside with the second level, unit and third floor reading room!!!? My breakfast nook view of the sound with the bridge going up and down and boats putting by!!!!

LESSON:  Don’t look at any real estate until you are ready.
I torture myself everytime I visit Florida. I think often that its because I want to get away from the same old same old so badly.         I could get involved in the complex management society.  Then Mayor of Anna Maria Island. Thats all, just Mayor, no further…  I’m too concerned for everyones well being to go any higher.

“Mayor Oscar, your favorite table is ready for you and the fine lady”.

Then there was this home on the Terra Cieia Bay. Brand new dock, gorgeous sunsets, great fishing they say… The house was junk. But I could renovate, or better yet demolish and take the plans from that sweet home in Bradenton I saw and build it there. The salesman said they’d build it where I wanted.  He did!


OK.   I’ve worked since I wa 14.  I paid my own way though college, my parents couldn’t afford it. I bought a cape cod style home in th eighties and added 150% to it. All by myself.  I worked hard, worked at times 2 jobs to support my family and put my kids through private school.  It’s my turn isn’t it?  I’m 54!   what…   I just did my stuff quickly…

Right?  They’re all old enough to be on thier own… right?  I can finish settling and sell.

The condo had an elevator!  Two car garage, workshop area…. I could walk to the bridge and fish, or cross it to my favorite beach. Tend at the marina bar, keep my 24 foot skiff 100 horse Merc tied close by….

Guess I want my cake and eat it. In my case it would be my pie.

Go to work Oscar.  Nap till you land.  Busy day tomorrow… Stop daydreaming.

“you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” – some famous hippie rock star from the 70,s.
Oh, the windows could withstand 150mph winds and kept solar heat out!  Blazing sun on them and they didn’t get hot!  The hot water system has green heat pump technology! The model living room had dual angled fans! They were so cool!  I truly absorbed every word that Penny, the knowledgable young attractive saleswoman told me.

But she was right.  Wasn’t she?  Yeah.. she was.

I kept thinking “Penny!  knock knock knock…Penny!  knock knock knock”
(Big Bang Theory reference)

I was supposed to stop after the dreamer stuff…  I wonder if Jessica at the hotel will have a Medalla ready for me when I arrive. I hope its not too late.

Maybe forget all of this and just quit my job and work like Fred Flintstone at a quarry like my dad did.  Whistle blows and I go home to Wilma and that yappy Dino. Then tell Mr. Slate I’m quitting.  No wait….. He did the whole Florida thing, home near the beach, covered pool, boat.. and died in a year.


Maybe I have ADD.
nah. Just a lot on my mind lately.

Condo had a dumb waiter too!  Paver driveway!  Nature path!  Kayak launch….  Maybe I’d get tired of the path. Kayaks are fun but every day…?  Can only go so far, and I have that skiff….
Mayor Oscar….   From the “Wild Party”‘   Two Bottles of Johnny Walker Blue in every garage….

Maybe move to an apartment and then become Mayor. Learn about all the good land deals before they go public….   Start a company there in November….   Consulting…   resource management..  asset management….    Buy 5 homes more inland and rent them. I could rob them easily from forclosures at like 85K a pop.

I could be the new Trump.  No hair.  Your fired!

Learn to repair outboard motors.  Big cash!

Oh we’re on approach….

Back to reality.

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!

UPDATE since this was writtten:  Looks like Hurricane Irene and I have a date with the OuterBanks. We both arrive the same day.    That Biotch!


Working from Home – In Florida

August 5, 2011

Howdy Blog fans, this is your ol’ pal Oscar.  Remember me?

As always, life has been pretty busy.   I’m actually working at home in Florida. No I don’t live in Florida, but I am proverbably “Working from home”.  We can do that on my job if we are productive and don’t have any face to face committments. My oldest daughter recently moved from one home to another locally and in the middle of the move she had foot surgery. So I am here, “working”, so I can help her out.  I’m actually getting a lot done. I schedule my teleconferences early in the morning – easy because a lot have been with India and the time difference works.  Then I take the local calls.  I work from 6:30am to noon.  Enjoy the afternoon with the family, then after dinner-ish I do some “deskwork”.   It’s working! 

Now I may be taking some breaks occasionally, and a beer usually isn’t part of my work routine, but its all been good!

One afternoon I began a painting.   My daughter occasionally paints with the kids.  We all had our acrylics and canvasses.  I’ll show you when its done!

Brought my dog with me. She needs insulin shots twice a day so Its easier for me to bring  her than worry about someone doing it. She was good on the plane. 

More later!



Thanks for reading!  See you soon!



No India Today

July 8, 2011

YAWN!!!   I’m up early as I have to attend a teleconference with folks from India this morning.  I’ve come downstairs to my computer table which holds 3 PC’s and fired them up.  The cat is meowing at me so I fed him early. No he just wants attention so he sits across the back of a loveseat that is nearby so he is ear level and occasionally meows out a phrase. OK, logged in…  What?  Meeting cancelled?  Rescheduled till Monday morning?   Augh.  The meeting re-invite came at 4:30 this morning… Thanks Mike. 

So I’m up.  I put a pot of coffee on. I carefully crept from my room here as to not wake the dogs.  All is quiet. I just heard the air conditioning turn on…  what am I doing up!   The gurgle of the coffee has stopped.  Do I have a cup? Hmmm… maybe …. yeah. Hold on a minute,

(insert Jeopardy Music)


(ooh Kitty, don’t you bury that $hit!)

(ooh grapes!)

Ok.  I make good coffee. Everyone says so.  Its a matter of proportion. I just think they are too damned lazy to make it so they say I should. Probably so.

I had a lot to tell Punkaj.  Do I call him?   Nah. 

I am working from home today, We have summer hours so I actually don’t even have to work today. But I’ll take Marcelo’s call from Brazil at 10:30 am.

Yup .    OK. a decision has been made.  Back to bed.

What are YOU doing up so early?

C’mon – lets go…..  what the heck – I have a King…. no snoring…

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!


An Odd Wednesday

June 15, 2011

My schedule today included a teleconference from 7:30am EST to 10:30am.  I woke up early and set up my PC and was prepared for the meeting. This one was with VP’s and my boss’s boss’s boss.  I had to be available for any technical inquiry that may surface.       None did.  But I sat by a window which faces my pool and watched the nice day unfold.  The dogs went out and in. Out and In. Out and in.  Sandy could relate to this.  I was just sure that when they asked..”What do you think?” It would be at a time when the dogs spot a squirell.  But it didn’t!  Following the call some of the people emailed me a thousand questions. I can handle that.  This went well.  My meeting for 2:00pm got cancelled. It’s a nice day here on the East coast.  I’m working from home.  Three laptops, an iPad, a blackberry, and a droid. I’m connected. There’s a glow by the window and its not from the sun.  I’m surely projecting RF all over myself.  I’m online. Reading email, sending messages, texting, answering calls and whatever my array of electronic bliss provides.

I felt I should take a few minutes and write a post to bring everything up to date.  In the sun, by the pool.     Now I have been chatting in other social media with a few bloggers who know me more, or have been inquisitive. Each one I promise to eventually post.

As always, I’m traveling a lot. Another trip to Brazil recently, and the regular visits to sunny Puerto Rico.  Some recent business has India knocking at my door.  We’ll see.  I’m stretched as it is. I’m trying to do as much as I can via Teleconferences and Videoconferences, Live meetings, WebEx.  Work has been busy. As I say to a dear friend often, “Busy is good”. 

Update on my dog:  I went for the $7000.00 or so for the cataract surgery. Tons of medications, drops, needles, and I think she can see a little.  A LITTLE!  The poor thing gets around by smell mostly.  Apparently during the surgery, they were unable to insert a lens in the cornea like they do on “routine” procedures, so the dog is far sighted.  My miniature schnauzer at 15 inches is bumping into everything.  My guess is that she see’s blobs.  I’m very disappointed.  Her diabetes is under control. I have that down pat.  This truly has been an education.  I guess its the best I can do.  Eye $urgeon keep$ $aying it take$ time….   each time $he $say$ it, it co$t$ me a hundred fifty dollar$.  I’m sure I’ve cracked 10K.  I’m to a point where if she is getting around ok with some assistance, I wont spend more on it. I just continue to pray.

Well it seems that this half rate blog recieved an Award!  Coming from two of my favorite bloggers, Older Eyes, and Sandy Says! Thanks to both of you!  I’m just sorry I can’t post as much!  

 There’s some rules I have to folly here. I have to share seven things about myself.  Hmmmm….

  • I’m 50+ and 60-
  • I love warm weather, probably a reason I don’t mind travel to the Caribbean and Brazil.  Go to Florida to see my kids as often as I can!
  • Although I am Oscar the Bartender, I’ve never tended a real bar! (That’s a wish)(Oh but I have(do) perform quality audits.) Ok, Not a “cash” bar. “Willy” from the tavern was my real uncle, a bartender. A lot of readers believe OT is real. By the way, I DO intend on getting to re-do that Blog and post. I get lots of requests!
  • I am in Engineering/Supply Chain management for a Fortune 100 Healthcare company.
  • I text like a high school kid. (not while driving)
  • I can’t wait to retire in Sandy’s neck of the woods. I’m starting my own company. (and Marina Bar)
  • I am a musician by hobby.  Composer and writer. (don’t let my blog entries define that!)

I’m not sure I have 15 people to send this to.  Just look at my blog roll.  All of you are worthy of this award.  I’ll try to be more personal. This post is a true opportunity. Now I need to be sure that’s up to date! If its not – you know who you are. 

Well I need to run the dog to the vet for a gluco$e reading.   I’ll try to post again soon!

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!


Your Inner People

March 18, 2011

I discovered a new inner personality today at the credit union.  I went there today to pay a bill and instead of going to the teller windows, Valerie, a woman I know there said she would take me from her office.  I’ve known her a long time so I went in and sat down. I handed her my deposit and the slip.  On her desk was a purple pen with credit union logo’s on it.  I said:

OOOhhh a purple pen!”


“Purple Pen, purple pennnnn…. C’mon sing it with me…”


Purple pen, purple pennnnnn….   thats right honey.   “

“(louder laughing)”

“I’m gon-na sign this de-posit slip, with the purple pen….”

Valerie had to close the door.  We were getting loud.

Getting in touch with my inner-Prince.

Thanks for reading!   See you soon!