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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2013

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This is truly my favorite holiday.   No gifts, no specific religion, or anything bothersome. Just Being Thankful for what we have.

I Like it!


Hope your Thanksgiving is Warm and Wondeful!




Quick HI

November 17, 2012

Hi Everyone!  Haven’t forgotten you – Hope to be back soon!



All in Due Time

June 12, 2012

I so want to get back on here and start a “tab” if it were.  I have a flood of ideas, and a host of new characters to bring to the bar. But I’m so darned busy.  And what has happened to most of my favorite blogs? When I try to comment, it messes up. 

I was in Florida for a couple weeks recently. Some say its just hot, but I love it.  I even looked at a few properties in the Bradenton area along the Manatee River and on Anna Maria Island.  I really love it there.

Anyway, I’m here. Thinking of all of you.




I am a closet Fairyland Player

December 6, 2011

Ssshhh! I am! I use my grandsons account and play Fairyland on Facebook. Ok. My cousin from L.A. Got me into it. To me it has really not much to do with faries. I just like planting the garden and am vowed to beat her in the game! Ssshhhhhh!

This is an ipad post. Not pretty. I told a Friend I’d write a post while I’m here in the hospital getting test. Oh no worries….

Thanks for reading! Insert snoopy here. ————————->.


Zat Time again….

September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene didn’t stop me.   Ok  delayed by 3 days.  But here we are again at the Official Oscar’s Tavern Summer Wing ding…   A nice sunrise – ok I missed it..

;lets see…  what else…

Nosey neighbors..  did I say “neigh”….

Thanks for reading.. ok looking…   See you soon..

There’s a sangria waiting,,,,,

yeah I know….


Curb Your Doe

July 6, 2011

I walk about 2 miles every night as often as I can. A zig-zag trace of a few blocks around my neighborhood. I walk the same path each time and it never gets boring. It’s always interesting in some way. One home a block away is building a new deck on the side. I watch the progress. Other homes are remodeling. My neighborhood is filled with small homes built in the 1940’s. Each one has been rebuilt or expanded to some degree. There are no two houses alike anymore. A neighborhood that used to be older folk has become full of children as each home is expanded and new young families arrive. They buy the small house, then immediately expand and remodel. My neighborhood is a very desirable one in my town. Who knew when I bought my home years ago for $56K. It’s currently valued at $700K.

Last night’s walk was interesting as well. The dog caucus as I call it was present on Elizabeth Avenue. About 6 people stop and chat with their dogs. And they all just sit and behave, sniff each other a bit. (The dogs, but there’s a couple young ladies I’d sniff) I say hi to the puppies. I call all dogs puppies. The people say hello. On the next block this guy is putting vinyl siding on his ranch. Seems like he does a strip a day. He finished the front! As I approached a corner two men were chatting. One arms folded the other standing in khakis holding a glass of white wine. Staring at something in the yard. I hear the viticulturist say, “She’s after your tomatoes”. The other gentleman slowly crept into his side yard. As I rounded the corner, a doe was walking briskly out of his yard and into the street towards me. We have a lot of deer in this suburban town. Only within the last couple years, “Progress” and development is chasing them into suburbia. The doe and I are walking up Maple Hill Road together. She’s on one side I’m on the other. It was silly! Each step taken carefully, we both walked about 30 yards. One woman seeing this joked “Please curb your deer!” We got to Meadowview Avenue and I had to turn. The deer skipped past me by about 2 feet and went into the cozy porch house’s lawn. I turned up that street and progressed. Up the side road and passed Lisa’s house. Lisa has a beautiful house. I love it. It was recently built. Her old home had a cracked foundation and had to be replaced. She usually sits on her front porch with her dog and I stop and chat. I met her at our Vet. Her dog had a hip replacement. We’ve both shared dog stories and the mortgages that come with it. “Mella” is coming along well.

Around the corner from Lisa there’s a house on the corner that has an electric fence. I learned this a while ago after I almost $hit myself seeing this copper lab charge at me then stop on a dime about 5 feet from the street. Now we’re friends. She still barks but I say hi and she stares at me as I walk past.

On my way down the hill, I see my friend the doe wandering up. She had left the cozy porch house and was heading for the silly wicker milk crate chair house. What? Oh. They have this wicker bench with no legs, placed atop two plastic milk crates. It sits proudly in their front lawn by the tree. The cozy porch is just that. It’s a cape cod style home (extended) The porch covers the entire front. On one side they have a wicker sofa and a coffee table, a rug and a tiffany lamp hanging. It looks so cozy. Thus the name.

The doe walks past and heads for the petunias. I continue down Maple Hill. I take that all the way to the end then turn on the last block. This block has homes on one side that are on a steep grade. Some driveways are at least 30 degrees. Many cars are on the street,narrowing my walkway. As I walked I noticed this young woman jogging whom I usually see at this time. Normally I just say hello and watch her jiggle on by. This time was different. She began to walk about 50 feet before me. She stopped and had her hands on her knees. “You Ok?” I asked. “yeah. I fell at the corner”. Sure enough her knee was bleeding. I asked her if she was far from home. She said she lived on Hetfield. “I live right near here on Jersey, you want a band-aid or something?” No , I’ll be ok. We chatted about the roads and lack of sidewalks. She left and jogged on. I finished that block and got home in time to watch the Yankee game finish up. We won!

Damn – I didn’t ask her name!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you soon!

Published via iPad. Still don’t know how to paste pictures. insert snoopy here —>


An Odd Wednesday

June 15, 2011

My schedule today included a teleconference from 7:30am EST to 10:30am.  I woke up early and set up my PC and was prepared for the meeting. This one was with VP’s and my boss’s boss’s boss.  I had to be available for any technical inquiry that may surface.       None did.  But I sat by a window which faces my pool and watched the nice day unfold.  The dogs went out and in. Out and In. Out and in.  Sandy could relate to this.  I was just sure that when they asked..”What do you think?” It would be at a time when the dogs spot a squirell.  But it didn’t!  Following the call some of the people emailed me a thousand questions. I can handle that.  This went well.  My meeting for 2:00pm got cancelled. It’s a nice day here on the East coast.  I’m working from home.  Three laptops, an iPad, a blackberry, and a droid. I’m connected. There’s a glow by the window and its not from the sun.  I’m surely projecting RF all over myself.  I’m online. Reading email, sending messages, texting, answering calls and whatever my array of electronic bliss provides.

I felt I should take a few minutes and write a post to bring everything up to date.  In the sun, by the pool.     Now I have been chatting in other social media with a few bloggers who know me more, or have been inquisitive. Each one I promise to eventually post.

As always, I’m traveling a lot. Another trip to Brazil recently, and the regular visits to sunny Puerto Rico.  Some recent business has India knocking at my door.  We’ll see.  I’m stretched as it is. I’m trying to do as much as I can via Teleconferences and Videoconferences, Live meetings, WebEx.  Work has been busy. As I say to a dear friend often, “Busy is good”. 

Update on my dog:  I went for the $7000.00 or so for the cataract surgery. Tons of medications, drops, needles, and I think she can see a little.  A LITTLE!  The poor thing gets around by smell mostly.  Apparently during the surgery, they were unable to insert a lens in the cornea like they do on “routine” procedures, so the dog is far sighted.  My miniature schnauzer at 15 inches is bumping into everything.  My guess is that she see’s blobs.  I’m very disappointed.  Her diabetes is under control. I have that down pat.  This truly has been an education.  I guess its the best I can do.  Eye $urgeon keep$ $aying it take$ time….   each time $he $say$ it, it co$t$ me a hundred fifty dollar$.  I’m sure I’ve cracked 10K.  I’m to a point where if she is getting around ok with some assistance, I wont spend more on it. I just continue to pray.

Well it seems that this half rate blog recieved an Award!  Coming from two of my favorite bloggers, Older Eyes, and Sandy Says! Thanks to both of you!  I’m just sorry I can’t post as much!  

 There’s some rules I have to folly here. I have to share seven things about myself.  Hmmmm….

  • I’m 50+ and 60-
  • I love warm weather, probably a reason I don’t mind travel to the Caribbean and Brazil.  Go to Florida to see my kids as often as I can!
  • Although I am Oscar the Bartender, I’ve never tended a real bar! (That’s a wish)(Oh but I have(do) perform quality audits.) Ok, Not a “cash” bar. “Willy” from the tavern was my real uncle, a bartender. A lot of readers believe OT is real. By the way, I DO intend on getting to re-do that Blog and post. I get lots of requests!
  • I am in Engineering/Supply Chain management for a Fortune 100 Healthcare company.
  • I text like a high school kid. (not while driving)
  • I can’t wait to retire in Sandy’s neck of the woods. I’m starting my own company. (and Marina Bar)
  • I am a musician by hobby.  Composer and writer. (don’t let my blog entries define that!)

I’m not sure I have 15 people to send this to.  Just look at my blog roll.  All of you are worthy of this award.  I’ll try to be more personal. This post is a true opportunity. Now I need to be sure that’s up to date! If its not – you know who you are. 

Well I need to run the dog to the vet for a gluco$e reading.   I’ll try to post again soon!

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!