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Happy New Year From Oscar and the Gang!

January 2, 2013

Yes. Happy New Year  2013!

Its been like 4 years since we started this derelict discount rack blog!   But we’re still open.

Met a lot of wonderful people here!

Hoping to post a lot more this year.  Gonna make time for it.


Gotta keep my handful o’ fans happy.   LOL

I was in a doctors office today waiting to see him for a bothersome elbow.  While I was waiting, and older wo

man proceeded to let lo


ose a loud… flatulent.

She turned to everyone and said. “Well I guess I started the year off with a bang!

Can’t make this stuff up.  We all laughed so hard we cried.

Then I got called in.  Cortisone shot.   We’ll see how it goes.  I told my buddy “Jack” I needed to be read
y for the golf season.  He replied. “you’d better hurry, you’re in Florida next week!”

Oh… yeah….

See you soon!


TGIFA (already)

April 23, 2010

Holy Shrimp, it’s Friday already.  This week flew by. It was a blur. I can’t fit in any more drama.

Starting with last Sunday’s sad news of a 29 year old close friend of my son, and our family.  An auto accident on a busy highway ended his life tragically.  He was at my home the preceding Friday with my son.  The whole week has been sad. I attended the wake Wednesday evening, and the funeral Thursday morning. Closed casket.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I was truly touched by this as he was a regular here.  Extended family my son says.   I always thought he looked like Yankees pitcher Andy Pettite.  One day I had him put on a Yankee cap and stand next to me for a photo so I could goof on people and say I knew him.     Handsome kid.

Hundreds of young adults paid thier respects.  Some of the kids I used to say were “bad element, or creeps” showed up, grown up.  Some with thier wives, fiancee’s, girlfriends and kids.   Good to see they got themselves together.  It was practically a high school reunion.  The support  and love that was in that room and at the church was unbelievable.  I don’t think we have to worry THAT much about the next generation.

God Bless you Brian – We Love you and will miss you.

Interphex is a pharmaceutical packaging and processing trade show.  This year it was in New Your City.  It jumps around different cities.  Wednesday my partnerfrom work and I took the train into the city to see the exhibits.  It was a decent show. We go mostly for the networking and catching up with folks we know in the business.  It was a great gorgeous day in the city. We finished going through the show, meeting up with friends and networking and decided to attend a vendor’s hospitality event.  It was on Times Square in the building where they produce the NASDAQ broadcasts.  It was above the set, so we could drink , have snacks. and watch the live broadcast below. It was real nice. Right on Times Square, looking out onto the street.  Very nice presentation and hospitality. They are a very large worldwide company.  Yes salespeople were there, but I know them and they didn’t need to bug me.  My partner and I enjoyed a few cocktails and hors d’ouvres.  Because I had to leave the city by 6 to be home for Brians wake, I couldn’t stay long but it was fun.

Granddaughter number 2 celebrated her 1st birthday on the 14th.  We had a big shindig planned for this Sunday. Because the weather doesn’t look to promising, my son and daughter-in-law moved it to next week.   >Thank GOD<

So now I’m just gonna relax a bit this weekend.

>right<    Roto-tilling the garden,

Thanks for reading – see you soon!



February 8, 2010

My daughter has a Facebook account.  With this she gets all kinds of silly stuff from her friends, whats new, who did what , networking, etc.  All silly to me. But there is one thing that she has on it that I get a kick out of.  Farmville.  This is a game type thing where you build and run a virtual farm.  She has one, her friends have thiers, they send each other gifts, and fertilize each others crops.  Its neat.   Once in a while she lets me “harvest” for her when she’s tied up.  Yesterday before the SuperBowl, I asked her of she was tending her farm and she said, no, you can do it. So I jumped on her accout and spent 3 hours, “re-arranging” her farm, and tending her flock and fields. I made seperate fields, flower gardens, pens for the animals, gated pathways, orchards and other things.  She came back afterwards and said, “Dad, what’d you do to my farm!”.   >Gulp<  Um, I fixed it.  ” I Love it!!!”   >whew<.   “You should be a landscaper or architect or something like that.”  Well, I just figured it’d be easier if all your animals were contained, this way you could tend to them faster.  Crops are lined up in order so your plow (tractor) can easily work efficiently using less fuel. (you earn fuel).  I put a pond in for the ducks. 

   She had friends over later for the Superbowl. She showed the girls her farm and said how I re-did it for her.

    Now I have to re-do 3 farms.       >cool<    (heh heh heh)

No, I still won’t do facebook.  Anyone I want to be in touch with, I already am.  I kept in touch with all my good friends from school, and still do.   But I am weakening….   I want my own farm!


The Superbowl was ok.   We had snacks and beers.  I wanted the Colts to win, but eh.  I’m a GIANT fan.  The Who sounded pretty well.    How sad is it that the only line todays kids relate to is “Teenage Wasteland”.  

Thanks for reading!    I’ll see you soon!    Stay Warm!



January 18, 2010

Now most of you who know me, know I’m not much of a Television fan. Oh I have my “shows” I enjoy. I don’t rush home, or make a mad dash to the DVR to see any of them. But when I can I will sit and FF through them.

I do watch the evening 11:00pm news.  Then sometimes a little bit of Letterman. (I’ve been to his show 4 times).

I found it funny today talking to a co-worker about the weekend.

CW:  “What’d you do this weekend?”

ME: Oh, just s#it around the house. Watched the games…..”

CW: Which ones?

ME: Minnesota/Dallas and the Jets/Chargers games.

CW: How’d you get stuff done?

I then thought… I have too many TV’s.

This is just yesterday:

I woke up and did laundry.  Ran a few errands and was back by Gametime.  I bought a storage cabinet for the basement last week. I decided to put it together. Part of that was moving all the junk I wanted to put into it aside so I had room to assemble it. This involved cleaning half the basement. Ok – We have a computer on one side of the basement. Its monitor is a 32″ flatscreen. It’s hooked up to cable.  So while I did the basement work, I watched Minnesota defeat Dallas.  After that, I took all the laundry and folded it and put it away. This was in my room, (32″ Trinitron).  TV was on, I sorted clothes, changed sheets, vacuumed the room, (fuzzies) re-did sock drawer, ( where do they go?), and other stuff.   Finished there, move down into the den, (42″ Flatscreen), and continued to watch the Jets/Chargers game.  Going through bills and papers on the glass table.  Finished that and went into the kitchen (22″ flatscreen) to help with dinner.  Continued watching the game on the Den TV.  Cleaned up dishes and kitchen by the 22 inch.

Brought my daughters laundry up to her room (no I don’t fold hers, but I do lay it out so they don’t wrinkle) She has the 32″ flatscreen. 

My daughter-in-law asked me to watch the baby for a few minutes. So I went into thier room, (52″ flatscreen), and watched some more.

Finally finished up in the den for the last 5 minutes of the game.   Decided to relax after it was over.  Watched an old episode of House, and then Cold Case. 

A lot of TV for me in one day. My eyes are burning. But I was happy with the game outcomes, and got a lot of stuff done.  Weekend went to fast.   as usual.  Travel durig the week eats up your weekends.

My friend said this morning “Good Morning, its Monday again”.

Thanks for Reading.  I’ll see you soon.