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Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2012

Norman and Isabel

My puppies Norman and Isabel

Merry Christmas from Oscars Tavern!




Why Wednesday?

March 2, 2011

Why not.

The sun shown brightly on the pavement as the man drove to work this morning.  Shadows from the sun behind his car made the usual Shrek shaped shadows. He laughed to himself.  “Now now Donkey” he said out loud. 

His mind was somewhere else today. It’s been said its somewhere else all the time.  Today it was in Florida. His daughter-in-law and grand-daughter were coming home today from the Sunshine state.

It was also on his dog. Poor thing, because of her diabetes, she had developed cataracts.  She needs surgery. A consult yesterday revealed she can be restored to good sight. It also revealed it will cost $5000.00.   But she is worth it.  Well there goes that Aruba trip he’d been thinking of.

A friend in colder climates told him it was -1 in her town today.  My god he thought as he shivered in the warm 37 degree weather.

He thought of the Charlie Sheen incidents and began to think how the media is taking advantage of a man with problems.  Enough already.  He prayed last night that Charlie can get himself in order. He loves “Two and a half men” tv show.

He noticed on the way in that 80% of the late year Honda accords are that deep silver color.  Did they sell any other color?

From a ship 47 xindons from Gendaak,  Reesit noticed a dot on his screen.  “Hiijk ko moy nodden!” He said.

A note to himself.. remember to call the other veteranary office to collect the remains of his son’s creamated boxer. His son’s 8 year old boxer died of bloat this past Friday night.  It’s been one hell of a pet week.

Damn, the Audi is overdue for an oil change. And I never can seem to find the time to get it done, he thought.

Why does he feel like Meleah?  Better yet, what does she feel like?


Thanks for reading!   See you soon!

ok maybe not 47 xindons.  I’d say more like 42.3


It’s All I Can Do.

January 5, 2011

I sent that message to a dear friend the other day.  Then right after that I heard the Car’s song of the same title.  It’s all I can do. My text was based on the fact that it IS all I can do. It’s one of those situations where you are limited by distance or formalities and wish you could do more.  You always want to do more.

SO doing what you can works.  so I try my  best! 

Ok, now that I’ve said that, how the hell are you?  Did you all enjoy your holidays?  I had a good time. As I said before I flew the gang in from Florida and we spent a lot of fun time together. Sadly my son-in-law who says he doesn’t have to shovel snow anymore, got to enjoy it again.  I tried to do some but got yelled at because of my shoulder.  Ok, I won’t shovel 26″ of snow. We made a plastic sled path down the hill in my front yard.  The kids had a great time sliding down towards the street. Using what the plows made, we carved out a large bowl that would contain them from going into the road.  I think they had more fun in there.

We all took the train into the city (NYC) and walked around Times Square on New Years Day.  We do this every year. We have a friend who runs a penthouse recording studio nearby and went up to the roof to look around. My daughter took a lot of photos. Still a lot of people around.  On New Years Eve, Nivea gave out these top hats for those celebrating.  As we walked in the square, they were giving out what hats remained. So we got a few.

The grandkids at Times Square.

We also went to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Very crowded, but we plow through!

As fun stuff does, it ended on the 2nd as I drove them to the airport.  My daughter had to work the 3rd. The kids and thier father started the 4th, but a day back was necessary.

Now it’s back to work.  Not handling the “up early” stuff.  Gonna have to slowly re-adjust.

Thanks for reading – Happy New Year!

See you soon!

Oh, there’s some activity at Oscar’s Tavern.


Making Merry

December 23, 2010

This morning I got a message from a dear friend:

“Rise and Shine! One last day and then we can start Making Merry!”

I replied, ”  Ooh baby!  Is that a promise?  LOL”  

“”LOL Yup!”

I know this will be a good day. 

Probably my last post this year as I am flying the whole fam damily in for the holidays!  I will be so busy with the kids that I won’t even look at a PC or my Ipad.

It’s been a busy year!  I’m sure you all can agree.  They just seem to get busier.  Not sure if it’s because we get older , or there’s that much MORE to do.  Probably both.  But we all survived. 

I’m not going to highlight anything about the year. Most of the more exciting things I’ve probably told you in a post. Some who know me via email, or other electronic forms of communication,  may know more detail. Overall I can’t complain.  (I’m told I do) .

Keep your prayers going for Twinkle.  She told me recently she is scared.  That upset me.  She has a malignant melanoma.  We’re dealing with it a day at a time.

We have a new friend of the Tavern, Ms. Killian. (an Irish red)  We have fun conversation.  Ms. will change this Christmas I understand.  I’m sure some silly post fodder will come from her.

Work just keeps getting more challenging.  I’m off to Brazil in January. Never been there. “Oh I’ve Never been to Spain…”  I’m also involved in decisions with China.  Thats interesting. Not a fan of the 9:00 PM teleconferences.  Thats what happens when you work in a global community.

Why don’t I just rent jet ski’s to Spring break co-eds.

A report on our friend Jessica in Puerto Rico, Today is her last day at work in the hotel as she is close to term with her baby.  Buena suerte Mi amiga!  We saw her last week, she looked like she swallowed a basketball.

The shoulder is still hurting.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he said chuckling,” I forgot to tell you in the beginning that PT doesn’t mean Physical Therapy, it means Pain and Torture”. 

Thanks a friggin’ lot

My physical therapyst beats me up.  Ices me down, electro stimulus, and sends me home in pain.  OK so I’m wondering….  Those electro -pulse units, some are called “tends units”.  If a man put an anode on his..body, and a woman put the cathode on her… body…  would that …um….  Make Merry?

                Happy Holidays to all of you!

 Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading all of yours and enjoying our friendship next year!

I hope everyone’s new year comes with great promise and joy!

Everyone at Oscar’s Tavern wishes you well too!   We may see them a bit in the coming year.


Few Thoughts Monday

December 20, 2010

So it’s the 20th.  Full moon tomorrow.  We are all busy. Full Moon tomorrow. Did I say that? So I guess if it’s crazy now….

*  I’m done with my general holiday shopping.  Just stocking stuffers left.  Nice.  Bought 90% of my gifts online.  I’m in good shape there.

* I have no idea how people like Terri live in such tundra. I can’t stand cold weather.

* Been watching some Christmas movies.  Christmas Vacation is still one of my favorites.

“Mele kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way….”

< click

     But I do enjoy the oldies like Miracle on 34th Street.  Or “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

                     A staple in my home is ”   A Christmas Story”

*  I was in Puerto Rico last week.  It was so warm.  Charlene went to Florida. Earlier in the week she said it was 27 degrees!    What is the world coming to.  Us in San Juan agreed that is it ever snows in Puerto Rico, we’re all in trouble!

* My shoulder is getting better. Not 100%, but better. I find myself groaning less.  Still on 3x a week Physical Therapy. This has ruined my person life!  LOL

* Have all of you been as busy as me? 



Christmas is almost here………    Are you ready?

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!


Ouch! Oscar Who?

December 6, 2010

Hi Everyone!   Yes, its me finally getting to post.  The usual excuses, work, travel, time, and inability to type well.  

My shoulder surgery went well, the rehabilitation is not fun.  I go to Physical Therapy 3 times a week for my torture.  The objective is to work the shoulder for full range of motion.  It puts up a fight in the beginning, but we work it out by the time the session is over.   Then I ache for a few hours. I have pills for this but don’t like taking them as I don’t like feeling groggy, and they effect my stomach which we won’t discuss.

The worst problem is sleeping – I can’t find a comfortable position to lay. On my back puts stress on my shoulder because the arm falls back. My left side isn’t good because the arm falls backward and forward.  And Obviously I can’t lay ON it.  I’m told my best chance for survival would be a recliner.  I used to have one until the dog decided to try to find a toy in it.  And I won’t replace it until the dog is gone.  I could buy an inexpensive one and put it in my bedroom. May do that.  I’m just figuring that dumb luck would have it I’d be better once I bought the chair and I wouldn’t need it. 

The Christmas season is here. I’m useless helping decorate.  You don’t realize how much you depend on yourself until you are restricted. I think the family see this finally. A friend said its an opportunity for everyone to see my worth.  Hmmm.   Yeah.  Thanks to My friend and brother-in-law I got the lights and tree up. The Annual Photo once its done.

The ladies are watching the Christmas specials on Hallmark and the dreaded Lifetime channels.  Some are cute.  Most pin the corny meter.  I’m glad I have a TV in my room.

A dear friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. She is going through tests and so far one biopsy has come up Benign. I’m praying the others in different areas will too.  Throw a few kind thoughts in for her. I refer to her at Oscars as “Twinkle”.

Eventually I will catch up on all of your posts. So if you see my Oscar mug a few times in a row. It’s your turn.

I hope the holiday season is going well for all of you –

Happy Hannukah!

Thanks for reading… I’ll see you soon!


Thousand Words Thursday.

November 4, 2010

Hi !      It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry to disaappoint my few readers!  LOL    Heres a quick photo recap of whats been happening – More later!

Thanks for looking!   See you soon!