Happy New Year From Oscar and the Gang!

January 2, 2013

Yes. Happy New Year  2013!

Its been like 4 years since we started this derelict discount rack blog!   But we’re still open.

Met a lot of wonderful people here!

Hoping to post a lot more this year.  Gonna make time for it.


Gotta keep my handful o’ fans happy.   LOL

I was in a doctors office today waiting to see him for a bothersome elbow.  While I was waiting, and older wo

man proceeded to let lo


ose a loud… flatulent.

She turned to everyone and said. “Well I guess I started the year off with a bang!

Can’t make this stuff up.  We all laughed so hard we cried.

Then I got called in.  Cortisone shot.   We’ll see how it goes.  I told my buddy “Jack” I needed to be read
y for the golf season.  He replied. “you’d better hurry, you’re in Florida next week!”

Oh… yeah….

See you soon!



  1. Happy New Year to you also!

  2. Happy, and healthy, New Year Oscar. And thanks for th warm beach view, enjoy FLA.

  3. I love a person who can laugh at themselves and let others join in! And because she did, I think most would tend to respect her more than if she hadn’t acknowledged the um…. flatulence!

    Sorry to hear about your elbow. I’m still nursing a muscle strain in my back. We’re not getting old, are we? Dang it, what’s with all the aches and pains?

    Enjoy Florida!

  4. To you as well !

  5. sure will JC! Back at ya!

  6. You’d have fallen out! Thanks Terri!

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