All in Due Time

June 12, 2012

I so want to get back on here and start a “tab” if it were.  I have a flood of ideas, and a host of new characters to bring to the bar. But I’m so darned busy.  And what has happened to most of my favorite blogs? When I try to comment, it messes up. 

I was in Florida for a couple weeks recently. Some say its just hot, but I love it.  I even looked at a few properties in the Bradenton area along the Manatee River and on Anna Maria Island.  I really love it there.

Anyway, I’m here. Thinking of all of you.





  1. Welcome back! I look forward to new characters and stories!

  2. I’m back from my trip. Hope you’re okay, Oscar. Let me know when you’re in my neighborhood next – I’d enjoy woofing with you!

  3. Me too! Now getting that time…… Thanks Terri! You’re a true regular. Drinks on the house always!

  4. Hey Sandy! Again in Late July. May relocate….shhhhh! Job in Tampa.
    Definitely will synchronize! Thanks for being a “regular”!

  5. C’mon. Get on the stick and start writing. We’re not gettingany younger, you know.

  6. Hey … Oscar Where are you?

  7. Hi Sandy! I’ll be around soon. Been busy and traveling….

  8. Oscar!!!!!!!! Where are you !!!!!!!!!!

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