Happy Holidays from Oscars Tavern!

December 28, 2011

Hi!  Happy Holidays!!!

How are you?  Thought we’d take over Oscars personal blog to bring you up to speed on the going’s on here. Yes the Tavern still exists!  Well its moved, but not ready yet.  That picture is near where we’ve decided to move the Tavern.

Pull up a stool! Mind the mess…

What can I get you?

Todays Special is Three Olives Cherry Vodka!    Its one of our new bartenders favorites! She likes it with Diet Coke.

We’ve been so busy lately with life that we just haven’t had the time to sit and put words down here. Oh certainly a lot of ideas. But they come when I’m not by a PC or iPad.

Charlene is currently down in the Sunshine State. Visiting family.  She’s been a busy gal.  Our newer bartender Elaine has been filling in. She’s a beauty. Melts all the guys with just a look.  LOL   She definately shakes things up here in this rusty saloon!

I went through a brief bout of illness recently. Came unexpected. Just when you think you’re still a spry guy, life reminds you that you are over 50. (not much)

Christmas here was a nice event. No big parties like we usually do. With me under the weather and Charlene away, it was quiet but enjoyable. Just a few of us were together. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed each others’ company.  Probably the way it should be.  How was yours?  Leo came by and we celebrated Channukah as well. 

I’m taking this week off to relax. My goal is to be ready to kick some butt for the new year.

I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year!   Let’s hope its a great year full of promise, hope and health!

See ya soon!



Hi!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Channukah!  (Ok what is it…Hannukah or Channukah?)  I buy (C)Hannukah cards for my Jewish friends and they have both as well.  Sorry for the late wishes. But as a friend explained to me, Christmas is 12 days. (ie: 12 Days of Christmas)  So it’s still Christmastime.  We end our festivities with Three Kings Day.  Makes sense.

Having been to Florida so many times this year, I am continually getting more and more tired of cold weather.  Especially snow.  I figure I should live in a warm climate, and “visit” cold when I want. 

“Cris-cross.  I’ll kill your wife, you throw momma off the train”.

 This is why Oscars Tavern is being re-located to the Gulf coast of Florida.  We’re gonna change it up a bit. It will be completely different but still have its…”charm”….LOL.   

During my hospital stay (4 days) I was victim to daytime television.  DO the networks really think we are that stupid?  I was so glad the hospital had WIFI.  I had my iPad brought to me. There was one good program I found. The local New York News for CW/PIX. They have this perty anchor woman. Jodi Applegate. She made the normal news interesting.  Plus she has this odd sense of humor.  So now I watch that when I can.

I’m relaxing this week. Getting myself back in shape.  Walked 2 miles yesterday and today. They’re raising a house a couple blocks away. I will walk again to see how they’re doing.  Stuff like that is interesting to me.  Thats what they do here in my neighborhood. They remove the old small houses and put up McMansions.

I realized yesterday my registration for my truck and my drivers license both expired. Should fix that.

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!


  1. Oscar’s Tavern on the Gulf Coast? Sounds good to me! I’d like to be a regular there!

    I was home sick one day and found out just how little of interest is on television during the day. Thankfully there’s the internet, on-demand and DVDs to keep us entertained!

    We have a McMansion project across the street. Two old, small homes were removed and replaced with six executive lots/homes. Some haven’t been purchased/built yet. Three of them have. Huge homes on postage stamp sized lots.

  2. Glad to hear your hospital stay was a brief one, and you’re now out and about. Here’s to a kick-butt new year.

  3. Terri, – We’ll have a stool with your name on it! 🙂

  4. Thanks JC! Cheers!

  5. The tavern is back, huh? You can’t beat warm weather, good drinks, and good friends. Cheers!

  6. Ahem……..no idea you were in the hospital !!!!!!

  7. Ah Scarlet, happened so fast I didn’t know myself!


  8. Thanks J!

  9. Hey where are you? Woof Woof. Sandy

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