I am a closet Fairyland Player

December 6, 2011

Ssshhh! I am! I use my grandsons account and play Fairyland on Facebook. Ok. My cousin from L.A. Got me into it. To me it has really not much to do with faries. I just like planting the garden and am vowed to beat her in the game! Ssshhhhhh!

This is an ipad post. Not pretty. I told a Friend I’d write a post while I’m here in the hospital getting test. Oh no worries….

Thanks for reading! Insert snoopy here. ————————->.


  1. I’ve not heard of that one. The wife and I played Farmville for like a week or so… back when it was cool. I never could get into those games on FB.

  2. Fairyland? I don’t go on my Facebook account much. Maybe I should check this out!

    In the hospital!?! Hope it’s nothing serious. Hope you’re out and back to routine soon.

  3. Oscar, the Geezer always gives me a hard time when I use computer time for game-playing. The old fart needs to get mod! I’ll look up Fairyland first chance I have to sneak a peak. OH — and a personal Merry Christmas past the one on my blog!

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