Safari’s and Tickles

November 15, 2011


Safari – Well I’ll tell you by the time I finish this post.

Sorry as always – I’m just gonna stop apologizing as you all know I’ve just been so busy.  My faithful 6 followers.  Eventually when the clouds disappear I’ll be more frequent.

As you know professionally I speak to people all over the world. A funny event happened recently that had us all wanting to bust but we couldn’t.  During a teleconference a woman from Brazil was having difficulties speaking as she had a “Tinkle In her throat”, so she said….    I wrote her a note afterward explaining its usually tickle.  Now when she clears her throat or anything like that we giggle like children.

I was in Florida recently for my birthday week, (Oct 31st) spending time with my daughter and family.  I always look at real estate there, I still love it.  Almost had a chance to meet the “Geezer”.   The voice of Sandy from Sandy says.  I was supposed to be in his area one day and I reached out to him. He was doing a book signing and told me to come on by!  Unfortunately plans changed. But next time I’ll be sure to make it there.  I understand he had Sandy with him.  Nice. He writes a great blog and is a published author. An interesting guy.

My friends looked at me oddly yesterday when I told them I painted my great room Oatlands Subtle  Taupe and Smoked Oyster.  Another friend thought it was an appetizer.

I am really enjoying Miranda Lambert’s new CD “Four the record”  Here’s one of my favorite songs!

Well thought I’d just say hi and wanted my little fan base to know I’m still here.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!

Oh BTW – I used Safari browser instead of Explorer to write this post – It worked!



  1. LOL – A “tinkle” in her throat, huh? I’d be laughing too. I can see how that would get one choked up.

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Safari, eh? Glad you found something that works and nice to see you posting again!

    I don’t speak to people from other countries but still have fun with the way people speak. I have a friend who does not say “probably.” She says “parbly.” And she doesn’t even seem aware that she is not saying it correctly. Around the house, if someone asks a question, quite often the response is, “parbly.”

    Paints often have the most creative and descriptive names!

    I love Miranda Lambert. She’s come a long way and has earned her place at the top. My current fave is Baggage Claim.

  3. Terri – Yes, Safari got me on, but still some bugs. At least I can now post again during boring meetings now. LOL

    Now I’ll parbly write more!


  4. Thanks Mike!

  5. Happy belated birthday. It’s nice to see you around. May I never have a tinkle in my throat.

  6. Thanks Mami!

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