October Already?

October 13, 2011

Time just flies faster and faster these days.  Yes, we’ve all said that a few hundred and 47 times.  I’ve thought about why time seems to pass.  Especially as we age. What is it?

Being an engineer, I applied some of my knowledge of systems to a theory.  C’mon inside my head. Wear a helmet and gloves.

Watch that wire there, I’m working on a USB port to transfer things from my brain to a PC.   My dentist said he couldn’t implant bluetooth.

Ok.   We all know that your senses bring your world to your brain.

Your brain takes in images, sounds, smells, sensations and other external stimuli.

Like a PC it processes input at a set rate. (we’re assuming the brain is digital) Lets call that our human sample rate. (HSR)

Let’s think about this for a minute.  Making up numbers, lets say that watching a television show takes 200 billion samples. During the newscast, your brain took in all of these samples consecutively and provided your experience. Like a film movie you have many still frames presented at a set speed consecutively, giving you the illusion of motion. On a television or monitor the time between each image is known as your refresh rate.

Got it?  Many images presented contiguously to simulate motion, or in this case life.

See full size image

(Put down that joint, this is not that forum)

It is a fact that children are most receptive to learning from about 6 months to 8 years old. Somewhere around there.  My grand-daughter absorbs flash cards like a sponge.  She is 2.

Her refresh/sample rate is high.

It is so fast that it stays up to rate with life.  Her environment seems to be forever.  She doesn’t want to go to bed!

As we age, our HSR gets slower.    So we essentially “miss” time as our brains weren’t refreshed.  Thus, time seems faster. The images accepted within the time frame are connected, eliminating the gaps.

But wait Oscar!   Why is it when you are having fun it seems faster as well?

Ah!  good point!    Your HSR is still reduced, but your focus is on the moment.

Low HSR reduces focus as well, but interest or excitement enhances focus. Which over-rides HSR.


Moral of this?

Keep your life interesting.  Keep yourself healthy. If it’s interesting you’ll retain focus. If you’re healthy, your HSR will maintain at a high level.

What?              I don’t know – sounds good to me.  Just a theory….

It sounds better in my head, and I’m still studying.See full size image

Thanks for attending this seminar, I’ll see you soon!



  1. Good stuff Oscar. I’ll have to agree:)

  2. Thanks Doreen. Didn’t want to get too deep and bore my few readers! LOL

  3. Oh, wow, Oscar … I thought I was the champion of geeky posts!!! Seriously, I think life seems to go by faster as we get older because each time segment, say, each minute, is a smaller percentage of the amount of time we’ve lived.

  4. This is an amazing theory. I’m buying into it. It really does explain why time seems to fly by faster and faster, especially the older we get.

  5. Interesting as well. We should work tpgether!

  6. Could be Terri! I amy be on to something! Lol

  7. Hmm… this is the first thing I’ve read today that actually makes sense. 🙂

    Engineer? What kind? As in, computer systems engineer? We might have just bonded…

  8. Hi Oscar!
    Time flies or so I’m told. I spoke to the Geezer about your learned post and he nodded. I said, “Geezer, don’t you ever have profound thoughts like that?” His face went blank. After several seconds he said, “Every time I think about it, I forget what I was thinking about, and think it was important to think about what I was thinking about, and it worries me to think that I can’t remember what I was thinking, so I end up thinking I should stop thinking about what I forgot, before all the thinking upsets me.” Now that’s what I call?????

  9. He could be right Sandy!


  10. “Just a theory….” – Good one Lol. I see, I’m the last one to comment haha.

  11. Hi Lori! Good to hear from you!

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