Working from Home – In Florida

August 5, 2011

Howdy Blog fans, this is your ol’ pal Oscar.  Remember me?

As always, life has been pretty busy.   I’m actually working at home in Florida. No I don’t live in Florida, but I am proverbably “Working from home”.  We can do that on my job if we are productive and don’t have any face to face committments. My oldest daughter recently moved from one home to another locally and in the middle of the move she had foot surgery. So I am here, “working”, so I can help her out.  I’m actually getting a lot done. I schedule my teleconferences early in the morning – easy because a lot have been with India and the time difference works.  Then I take the local calls.  I work from 6:30am to noon.  Enjoy the afternoon with the family, then after dinner-ish I do some “deskwork”.   It’s working! 

Now I may be taking some breaks occasionally, and a beer usually isn’t part of my work routine, but its all been good!

One afternoon I began a painting.   My daughter occasionally paints with the kids.  We all had our acrylics and canvasses.  I’ll show you when its done!

Brought my dog with me. She needs insulin shots twice a day so Its easier for me to bring  her than worry about someone doing it. She was good on the plane. 

More later!



Thanks for reading!  See you soon!



  1. You can paint ?????? I need to see now. Your pup is so cute – and hey just a note – I’d totally fit in that pet carrier next you go to some place warm and exotic 🙂

  2. Working from “home” is a very nice perk. Glad you can take advantage of the option and spend some time with family.

    Nellie’s so cute!

  3. What industry do you work in? I get to work from home one day a week (every Monday). It’s a nice way to ease into the week. (Although my days usually start out dealing with India as well.)

    Sorry to hear about your daughter’s foot. Hope it gets better soon!

  4. Hey, Oscar good to “see” you. Is it hot and humid in FLA? I’m working a little myself, got a couple jobs as an expert, one patent case and one on a possible acquisition. Short term, good paying and interesting … also mostly from home.

  5. First time I’ve read about a dog with diabetes? It sure looks like she’s in excellent hands.

    Looking forward to see your painting. Me, I haven’t paint since 2009, i think.

    It’s good things have been working out for you.

  6. Hey Bud! Yes it is hot and humid… I love it. Realize there is AC, pool and beer.

  7. I work in Pharma. Supply chain management.

  8. I am kinda lucky aren’t I! She’s a sweet pup!

  9. D. You be the judge. I enjoy it occasionally. Hmm. Will keep that in mind! 🙂

  10. Thanks Lori

  11. You forgot to mention golf…………….

  12. Ah yes. I did squeeze in 18 holes….. Thanks Rick!

  13. Hi there Oscar,
    So you’re in Florida! Hot here isn’t it? Hope you get in some fishin’ and gator callin’. Never gone gator callin’? Check my last post. There’s a video on there for you to watch.

  14. Hi Sandy! Did fish, made friends with a gator behind my daughters place in a pond! Will go and check out your post!

    Love it here!

  15. I’m curious to see what you painted.

  16. OK Mami I will take a picture and post it!

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