No India Today

July 8, 2011

YAWN!!!   I’m up early as I have to attend a teleconference with folks from India this morning.  I’ve come downstairs to my computer table which holds 3 PC’s and fired them up.  The cat is meowing at me so I fed him early. No he just wants attention so he sits across the back of a loveseat that is nearby so he is ear level and occasionally meows out a phrase. OK, logged in…  What?  Meeting cancelled?  Rescheduled till Monday morning?   Augh.  The meeting re-invite came at 4:30 this morning… Thanks Mike. 

So I’m up.  I put a pot of coffee on. I carefully crept from my room here as to not wake the dogs.  All is quiet. I just heard the air conditioning turn on…  what am I doing up!   The gurgle of the coffee has stopped.  Do I have a cup? Hmmm… maybe …. yeah. Hold on a minute,

(insert Jeopardy Music)


(ooh Kitty, don’t you bury that $hit!)

(ooh grapes!)

Ok.  I make good coffee. Everyone says so.  Its a matter of proportion. I just think they are too damned lazy to make it so they say I should. Probably so.

I had a lot to tell Punkaj.  Do I call him?   Nah. 

I am working from home today, We have summer hours so I actually don’t even have to work today. But I’ll take Marcelo’s call from Brazil at 10:30 am.

Yup .    OK. a decision has been made.  Back to bed.

What are YOU doing up so early?

C’mon – lets go…..  what the heck – I have a King…. no snoring…

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!



  1. Awwww…. Wish I had a work from home/don’t really have to work day. Pour me a cup of that coffee, will ya? Thanks! Got any hazelnut creamer?

  2. Sure! Cream and sugar?

  3. I get to work from home every Monday. It’s a nice way to transition into the week. Most of my Mornings sound identical to yours… although you might have to give me some coffee pointers.

  4. The Geezer makes coffee you’d appreciate. Any that’s left over we use for battery acid. It keep’s him awake in conference calls with his publisher, and when the missus goes over the honey-do list. The working at home has had one major simplification in his life. All his clothes carry Hanes or Fruir of the Loom tags.

  5. Whatever works for the Geezer should work for me!

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