Time and No Access

June 13, 2011

So I get some time to write. The PC I do most of my posting is my work pc. I do them during breaks or lunch. WordPress recently updated thier system and now I can’t comment or compose from my desk. Out IT department is stone aged. So now I am trying it from my iPad. Still not an efficient typist on this thing. My cousin showed me a bluetooth keyboard for it. I may get it. Sorry to some of my favorite bloggers.

I’ll get back to this soon enough!

Thanks for reading. See you soon!



  1. So, am I one of your favorites? If so, no apology necessary 🙂 I understand completely. I’m going to CA soon and don’t want to take my laptop, but I’m not that comfortable on the iPad. And damned that autocorrect!grrrr

  2. I’m jealous of your iPad 🙂

    I hate when technology isn’t up-to-date at work. You’d think they’d keep us supplied with the latest and greatest, but it’s apparently not so for many of us!

  3. I cannot keep up with all the new tech!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you back. But blogging from an iPad … you’ve definitely gone over to the dark side.

  5. Bud – I’m not all thrilled with it, thats for sure. It’s not what everyone is saying about it. It’s extremely limiting. Its more an app toy. Never be a PC. I’m still a PC boy!

  6. Doreen – Neither can I, I just hide it better! LOLOL

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