May 3, 2011

One thing I just don’t understand is the sag.  Kids and even young adults walking with thier pants past thier backside, exposing some shorts or boxers. 

I found myself mimicing this a couple days ago.  I had a new pair of jeans on which just would not stay up!  They were the right size.  I went back and changed immediately and looked carefully at the Levis 505 jeans.  Yup, 32/34. Thats my size.  Hmm, I did just come back from a 10 day vacation in Florida and did eat and drink well…  a few pounds?.. No wait.  they’d be tight.   I weighed myself. 159lbs, a couple pounds up.  Ok, If I’m heavier, wouldn’t that make my jeans tighter?  Maybe my stomach is pushing them down.  No.  Certainly not my stomach.  Is my butt bigger?  No.   What the hell. 

I went and got an older pair from my drawer.  Laid them next to the new pair.  

Look!!!  what the heck!!!!???!!!!!

The label is the same.   The new pair is about 4 inches wider!!!

A discussion with Jeannie (from OT) revealed that she has a similar problem. Her original size was larger than the double zero she has to buy now.  Neither of our bodies have changed. Apparently in my case Levis’ has made 32, 36.

I have a hard enough time finding 32/34 in the mens area.  30 or 31 don’t have 34 length.  Am I off to the teens department? I went to Old Navy just for kicks and found some jeans to try on.  A 32, a 31 and this new pair that said “skinny”   on them. Tried the 32’s… eh, fit weird. Tried the 31’s which fit but not comfortable and the material was cheap.  Started putting on the skinny pair and stopped as I put my leg in.  It was like putting on tights!   What??!??    As I walked out of the dressing room the attendant asked me if I was taking any pair.  I said “absolutely not, especially these skinny things, are these in the wrong department?”

“No, they are for men”

“No they’re not”.

Any suggestions where I can find real jeans that are actual sizes? Or good patches?

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. That’s crazy, but I’m not surprised. I wear any one of four different pants sizes, depending on where I buy them.

    You might want to find a Levi’s store where they carry all kinds of styles. It might just be a matter of finding a different style than your usual 505s. And check your label, even within the 505 style, I wonder if they don’t have variations, like loose fit, straight fit, etc.

    Otherwise, I’d suggest Gap. But you’ll pay more.

  2. I know how you feel Oscar, 32/34 Levis are hard enough to find. I’ve had best luck at Kohl’s and the big K lately, but still only find a couple of pairs at any one time. I’ve noticed the same issue with shirts for a while, it seems to depend on the country they’re made in. So I just checked 3 pair of Levis; Mexico, Nicaragua and Madagascar(?). I haven’t bought any lately, but thanks for the heads-up. And skinny jeans, naaa. I consider Pajama Jeans first. What’ll us tall, fit ‘mature’ guys do?

  3. Pants sizes are one problem I don’t have. However, my human does. He struggles with his waist. He’s been seen trying to switch labels on his pants or obliterating the sizes. Your opinion on the pants worn so low by young folks that their knee caps show above their belt, is shared by both my human and me. It just shows how youth reacts like lemings. Of course, dictators have known this for eons and have taken advantage of it. My canine sense says why not go high tech? Make all pants expandable with a built in chip that adjusts the waistband automatically and screams, “Put down that second donut!” when appropriate.

  4. The other day, and I’m not exaggerating, I saw a kid whose pants were below his butt. He had a belt on mid thigh…I had to control myself not to laugh in his face…

  5. I always get all of my jeans from the local Kohl’s store. They seem to have a good selection, and they are reasonably-priced. I couldn’t care less about name brands as far a jeans are concerned – they all look the same to me.

  6. Buying clothes kind of sucks these days…….so many different fits for the “same” size clothes. I love being able to go in and grab my size……knowing it would fit without me wasting time in a fitting room. lol. Unfortunately b/c there are different fits I do waste a lot of time…….maybe it’s not wasting time as an inconvenience.

  7. Old Navy is good

  8. Yep. I think they are changing the sizes of pants these days. A 2 is now a 4. A 4 is now a 6. It’s crazy. I have to try on everything before I can buy pants!

  9. I agree. They are definitely screwing around with pants sizes. Even my old ones don’t fit any more!

  10. That’s funny. And rude–I’d rather know my true size, not the one you’re giving me to inflate my self-esteem.

    Kyle gets 32/34 on-line (American Eagle). Your best bet it to shop on-line. Good luck!

  11. This made me laugh! I can’t understand why youngers wear the crutch of their jeans down by their kneews – I thought it was just me LOL 🙂

  12. Oscar — That’s funny! I would never make a good woman, because I hate buying clothes. Your dilemma is still better than if you were looking for 42/28s. I know a lot of guys who wouldn’t mind having your problem — too tall and thin?

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