Your Inner People

March 18, 2011

I discovered a new inner personality today at the credit union.  I went there today to pay a bill and instead of going to the teller windows, Valerie, a woman I know there said she would take me from her office.  I’ve known her a long time so I went in and sat down. I handed her my deposit and the slip.  On her desk was a purple pen with credit union logo’s on it.  I said:

OOOhhh a purple pen!”


“Purple Pen, purple pennnnn…. C’mon sing it with me…”


Purple pen, purple pennnnnn….   thats right honey.   “

“(louder laughing)”

“I’m gon-na sign this de-posit slip, with the purple pen….”

Valerie had to close the door.  We were getting loud.

Getting in touch with my inner-Prince.

Thanks for reading!   See you soon!


  1. Prince rocks! I’m sure you were a very bright spot in Valerie’s day.

  2. I *heart* Prince!

  3. You’re scaring me.

  4. My inner person is a cat. A large cat. A cheetah.

    We need you back here …

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