I Refuse to.

March 9, 2011

Grow Up.   Yep.  Not gonna happen in my lifetime.   Fugetaboutit!

During a conference call this morning, during a break in the action ( there is action?) I grabbed my felt tipped pen and made my mail more fun.

And yes of course I left it right on top of my in- basket, where anyone who visits me can see right away.  

I     just    can’t    stop.

It said ” Design 2 PART”.

I know you’d have thought of that too! Wouldn’t you?   

Thanks for stopping by…  I’ll see you soon!



  1. Not sure I would have thought of it on my own, but I LOVE that you did. And yes, I did crack up. Juvenile humor is right up my alley.

  2. I would have thought of it too!

  3. “New Technologies” You mean I don’t have to do it the same ol’ way any more? Grow up, now where’s the fun in that?

  4. You are too funny. I love that you did it and I love that you blogged about it. Who can resist a fart joke?

  5. Kill the “s” in design and you have deign 2 fart. Works for me and offers a vocabulary challenge (Deign: Do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity). Juvenile and challenging is good.

  6. I’m glad you told me because I really can’t tell it wasn’t printed “Fart” Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. Ahahahahahahhaahhahahaah! That’s SOOO funny!

  8. Hm. A doodler tootler. Funny!

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