Why Wednesday?

March 2, 2011

Why not.

The sun shown brightly on the pavement as the man drove to work this morning.  Shadows from the sun behind his car made the usual Shrek shaped shadows. He laughed to himself.  “Now now Donkey” he said out loud. 

His mind was somewhere else today. It’s been said its somewhere else all the time.  Today it was in Florida. His daughter-in-law and grand-daughter were coming home today from the Sunshine state.

It was also on his dog. Poor thing, because of her diabetes, she had developed cataracts.  She needs surgery. A consult yesterday revealed she can be restored to good sight. It also revealed it will cost $5000.00.   But she is worth it.  Well there goes that Aruba trip he’d been thinking of.

A friend in colder climates told him it was -1 in her town today.  My god he thought as he shivered in the warm 37 degree weather.

He thought of the Charlie Sheen incidents and began to think how the media is taking advantage of a man with problems.  Enough already.  He prayed last night that Charlie can get himself in order. He loves “Two and a half men” tv show.

He noticed on the way in that 80% of the late year Honda accords are that deep silver color.  Did they sell any other color?

From a ship 47 xindons from Gendaak,  Reesit noticed a dot on his screen.  “Hiijk ko moy nodden!” He said.

A note to himself.. remember to call the other veteranary office to collect the remains of his son’s creamated boxer. His son’s 8 year old boxer died of bloat this past Friday night.  It’s been one hell of a pet week.

Damn, the Audi is overdue for an oil change. And I never can seem to find the time to get it done, he thought.

Why does he feel like Meleah?  Better yet, what does she feel like?


Thanks for reading!   See you soon!

ok maybe not 47 xindons.  I’d say more like 42.3



  1. I was with ya until the 47 xindons from Gendak. Then you lost me. What is that? Star Trek? LOL!

    I’m sorry your poor pup needs surgery. I’m sure she has no doubt how much she is loved. You’re a good doggy daddy. I’m sorry about your son’s dog too. Losing a pet is so hard. They become one of the family.

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your poor dog. That’s terrible.

    As for Charlie Sheen, he is the one approaching the media – demanding to set the record straight. Sadly, he’s not doing a very good job.

  3. Wow. Have you been hanging out at Oscar’s (No, you haven’t, I check periodically). When I heard that Sheen was being paid by the tweet, I lost interest. But then again, I’m not a TV guy. Sorry to hear about your pup … we reached that point with my office cat a few years ago and made the decision to spend the money, too. It’s eighty degrees here in Socal today. The same is true of Acura TLs … mine, for instance. 47 xindons from Gendaak sounds like a Trekkie reference … or a serious typo. And you win the Older Eyes Prize for the most cryptic reference ever to a COMMENT on my blog … WWBD??

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