Few Thoughts Momo Friday and other Schnikey

February 25, 2011

It’s early Friday morning here in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.  I woke without my alarm at the hotel at 6:00am, showered, dressed and prepared my bags for the trip home.  I checked out, had the valet bring my car. The gentleman said, “The silver Ferrari like yesterday, yes?”  I laughed.  Up came my grey Kia and off to work I went. 

Its a beautiful day here.  The area where I’m working is in the middle of the island. A town named Gurabo.  The building I have a meeting in doesn’t have many windows, so I don’t see the sunny warm skies.  I do take a walk to the Caballeros room and pass the windows.   I never plan meetings the day I leave. I have a 1:00pm flight.  This meeting is 8:30 to 10.  I HAVE to leave at 10 or I may miss my flight.

The flights have changed a lot since Continental merged with United.  Very few non-stops from Newark to San Juan.  So you have to book in advance. I could have been home yesterday but didn’t want to take a flight to Miami, then Newark.  Its 3.5 hours versus 8.  So I’m here. stretched the trip out another night. More warm.  Good.   So of course I decide to have this damned meeting this morning. I could have slept till 9 and wandered on the beach. Had breakfast, and casually relax before my flight. BUT NO!!  I needed to see something demonstrated before I left and said, OK, I’ll come in Friday. (Am I whining?)

I’ve been so busy at work. One of my roles is to work on Global strategies for Pharmaceutical product serialization. That is track the path of packaged drugs and some OTC products.  It started out as 1 California ruling, and now it’s all over the world. Word is I may have to address India now.  Havn’t been there. 

I’m getting good at Spanish, practicing Portuguese.  I’m not trying..Indian?  Too many dialects.  Of course it could help me when I visit my local 7/11.

I have a new boss.  He’s located in Italy.  So-a when-a I-a talk-a to-a him-a, I-a have-a to-a listen-a to-a him-a talk-a like-a dis-a.  I had a teleconference with him and another Italian partner and by the time I was finished my-a head-a was-a spinninga.  But they are nice….a.

My-a cousin-a…opps.  She is visiting tonight and tomorrow.  I watched New York news this morning at the hotel and they said high wind warnings for my area.  I hope my flight isn’t delayed.

I had a text conversation last night with a favorite friend about the movie Tommy-Boy. We were exchanging lines. Gotta see it when I get home.

I hear the sales reps coming – Let me go – Hope I get out on time!

Thanks for reading!   I’m trying to get to all of you!


  1. Too bad you couldn’t have had the morning to enjoy the beach. Would have been a nice way to end the trip before returning to cold and snow.

    Knock-knock-knock…. HOUSEKEEPING!


  2. Terri’s comment is CRACKING me up. That’s one of my favorite lines from Tommy Boy.

    Safe flight home. And, yes. I am incredibly jealous that you are in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Even if it IS for work.

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