Where’s My Head?

February 7, 2011

I think it’s still in Brazil.   Like a lot of us, I am so fed up with winter. The NorthEast has had its share of foul weather. We still have snow from the Christmas storm, plus another 17″ while I was in Brazil.  Still a foot and a half covering the ground here, with a glaze of ice crust on it. 

Sunday I went outside and enjoyed the 45 degrees.   I have Spring Fever already. OK I had it in November.

My mind is still in Brazil. I had a great trip there. Even though I didn’t really get to see a lot of sites, or the beach, I still just enjoyed the people, and the warm weather.  It is a very diverse mix of people which makes it very interesting. All are very proud of thier country. 

I communicate with my new friends regularly through email, and a communicator we have similar to AOL Chat or GTalk.  I am learning Portuguese a little at a time.  Trying to relate it to Spanish is ok, but it’s spoken differently. So I’m starting from scratch.  I do have to speak slower and with proper sentences as thier understanding of English is not as good as my partners in Puerto Rico.  I’m adjusting. I feel a bit ignorant not knowing fully a second language.  I need to do that. It’s on my to do list. 

I am going to escourt a few folk from Brazil to Puerto Rico later his month. That should be interesting.  I’ll take pictures!

Meanwhile I look out of my office window and see snow.


Thanks for reading! I’ll see you soon!



  1. I look out my office window and see snow and icicles too…6 more weeks til spring!

  2. Hey now, it’s better than my view. I have dirty snow piled up against concrete buildings 😦 You have a pretty view ! Brazil – World traveler you are 🙂

  3. This winter has been totally brutal. Im sick of looking out the window and seeing snow & ice.

  4. Lots of snow here too. Dirty piles of frozen, crusty snow! Yuck. It’s going to be in the upper 30s though this weekend. You know what that means! MELTING!

    Nice that Brazil was a good experience for you. It’s obvious how much you enjoyed it. It’s great when you can enjoy aspects of your work that way.

  5. Well, it was 65 degrees today and I did my workout in the park in shorts and a T-shirt. Now that I’m mostly retired and can schedule my time around Socal traffic, life is better here. Welcome home.

  6. Well, we don’t have snow here! But the weather is not as it should be, raining in February?! All because of this La Niña thing. Awesome pic from ur previous post 🙂

  7. I am sick of the snow!! Hurry up, Spring!! I think Brazil would be a fun place to travel.

  8. Darn Oscar, I wish I could pack up and send sme warmer weather to you. In my next post or two I’ll send you some pics from around here! Oh, I gotta warn you ground hogs lie!

  9. Am I the only one who noticed your fingers in the photo? I kept looking and thinking, “What the hell are THOSE in the trees?!” lol

    Oh, poor baby…Maybe it’s the constant travel “teasing” that makes you hate the winter all the more? I’ve been suffering the whole time 😦

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