Ouch! Oscar Who?

December 6, 2010

Hi Everyone!   Yes, its me finally getting to post.  The usual excuses, work, travel, time, and inability to type well.  

My shoulder surgery went well, the rehabilitation is not fun.  I go to Physical Therapy 3 times a week for my torture.  The objective is to work the shoulder for full range of motion.  It puts up a fight in the beginning, but we work it out by the time the session is over.   Then I ache for a few hours. I have pills for this but don’t like taking them as I don’t like feeling groggy, and they effect my stomach which we won’t discuss.

The worst problem is sleeping – I can’t find a comfortable position to lay. On my back puts stress on my shoulder because the arm falls back. My left side isn’t good because the arm falls backward and forward.  And Obviously I can’t lay ON it.  I’m told my best chance for survival would be a recliner.  I used to have one until the dog decided to try to find a toy in it.  And I won’t replace it until the dog is gone.  I could buy an inexpensive one and put it in my bedroom. May do that.  I’m just figuring that dumb luck would have it I’d be better once I bought the chair and I wouldn’t need it. 

The Christmas season is here. I’m useless helping decorate.  You don’t realize how much you depend on yourself until you are restricted. I think the family see this finally. A friend said its an opportunity for everyone to see my worth.  Hmmm.   Yeah.  Thanks to My friend and brother-in-law I got the lights and tree up. The Annual Photo once its done.

The ladies are watching the Christmas specials on Hallmark and the dreaded Lifetime channels.  Some are cute.  Most pin the corny meter.  I’m glad I have a TV in my room.

A dear friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with Cancer. She is going through tests and so far one biopsy has come up Benign. I’m praying the others in different areas will too.  Throw a few kind thoughts in for her. I refer to her at Oscars as “Twinkle”.

Eventually I will catch up on all of your posts. So if you see my Oscar mug a few times in a row. It’s your turn.

I hope the holiday season is going well for all of you –

Happy Hannukah!

Thanks for reading… I’ll see you soon!



  1. Good to have you back … I hope your shoulder starts feeling better soon. I will put in a few prayers for your friend as well, not that I seem to have much influence with the Man Upstairs. We’ve seen our share of the C-Word lately as well. On of my wife’s best friends just had major surgery as a result. Not the kind of thing that should happen around the holidays. Take care and have a Happy Whatever You Celebrate…

  2. You should get in touch with my blogger buddy, Joe: http://lakeviewcoffeejoe.blogspot.com/. He had the shoulder surgery in the last year too, and survived it. He wrote a few posts about the recovery (probably a few months back in his blog) but I’ll bet you could leave him a comment and see if he’d be willing to connect with you about his experience. Just a thought. He’s back to playing softball and golfing, so there IS life after shoulder surgery. I am sorry it’s been so painful and difficult. I know the end result will be good, but in the meantime, it doesn’t sound fun. Glad you have some friends and family who can lend a helping hand.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Will keep her in my prayers.

  3. sorry about all the recovery being so difficult. That is no fun at all! Take the time you need to get healed up right…don’t push it! Try to enjoy the holiday’s despite the bad news. We can’t change certain things. 😦

  4. Welcome back! I’ve missed reading your posts! I’m actually behind on my reading too.

    Oh… and by the way, you ALWAYS need a recliner, regardless of if your shoulder hurts or not. 😉

  5. I had major neck surgery six years ago, and it took quite a while before I could find a comfortable sleeping position. Hang in there though, and as time goes on and your PT strengthens the area, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

    I let most of the decorating to the family. That’s their thing. If I help, I’m just in the way. LOL

    Here’s to hoping for good news for your friend.

  6. Well HELLO Stranger!

    I hope your arm heals quickly. And I know what you mean about the dreaded Lifetime channel movies. Still, I can’t stop watching them!

    Im VERY sorry to hear about your friend. Sending my thoughts and prayers out to “Twinkle”.

  7. I feel so out of it – like i hardly know what you’re up to anymoe, i didnt even know you had surgery 😦

  8. I’m sorry your friend got bad news. I’ll add her to my prayers tonight.

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