A Young Man brings grandma into a Doctors office…

October 18, 2010

Ok maybe not that young.   I took grandma to the cardiologist today. She had the appointment booked a while ago.  I usually take her as my schedule is a bit more flexible than everyone else. She can’t drive, never did. 

This doctor’s waiting area has a lot of sports car magazines, Motor Trend, and all those.  I usually pass the time reading these or fiddling with my smart phone.  The reception area is comfortable. 

They call her in and she slowly walks through the door into the examination room.  The door closes.  I step up and grab a Motor Trend that features Mustangs.  I sit down, check my phone, then start flipping pages.

A woman who came in while we were waiting asks me if grandma is my wife…

Quickly I respond, oh no.  (Sorry gram). 

>   Do I look THAT OLD!!!!<

“I’m looking at this article about what secrets men like about marriage”.


“I was going to ask her if she agreed with these or had her own secrets” 

“oh, well… those magazines write all kinds of stuff we already know”.

“Well do you have any secrets?”

“um, well, what does the magazine say?”

“Men like that they don’t have to clean up the house…”

“Who wrote that, the huns?, I do all the cleaning and laundry in my house.”

“Really, well, then there is this, Men don’t feel they have to keep themselves neat after thier marriage….”

“And all women look the same after 10 years…..  its been said lot of people don’t worry about what they look like anymore and tend to let themselves go.  The relationship takes over.  I had hair when I got married.  Mens magazines don’t write about that….”

“Well I always kept myself looking good and always pleased my husband. You keep yourself well…”

(This woman just met me)

“well see?  Those magazines are all wrong. Read this one, if it tells you the New Mustang V6 engines are better, you can prove that. No articles about rust, or tire wear…”

This went on for quite a while – and yes, there were other people in the waiting area.

“My husband, god bless his soul wanted me to do everything, cleaning, laundry, and a lot of things.”

“Well that’s your life I guess, I always shared the workload.”

“Well I could use a guy like you…”

I chuckled. Then the door swung open and they called her in.

“see you later hon”.

This is my life.  If there was a woman I was attracted to and was having a pleasant conversation, my cell would have been ringing off the wall… WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU PEOPLE THAT ALWAYS CALL!!!   Don’t get me wrong , she was a sweet woman, but not someone I’d like to get into this type of conversation with. Besides, if I did, she’d be glad she was at the cardiologist! Am I wrong?!?  I winced reaching for a magazine, she asked me if I was in pain. I still haven’t had that shoulder surgery done yet.  I shared that with her. 

AND… DO I LOOK THAT OLD!!!!   I never thought so,  I do have a lot of grey.  But I dress young. Still shop in the young mens  dept.  Still wear Levi’s regular 505 jeans. 32/34.    Augh… Now I’m miserable.

Gram came out later and we walked to the receptionist, who chuckled and commented,” Your husband almost had a date” . Gram looked at me. On the way to the car I said, “That woman in the reception area asked me if you were my wife!”

“jesus, is she blind?”

Gotta love gram.

Thanks for reading! Sorry I’ve been so distant!

See you soon!



  1. At first, I thought you were making all this up. Sometimes the truth is funnier than a story.

  2. I’ve never seen a picture of you, but I think it’s safe to say that you probably don’t resemble your grandmother’s husband. Yikes.

    If that was supposed to be a pick-up line, I’d say it failed miserably.

  3. Maybe she was just trying to make you insecure so that she could come on to you.

  4. You sure have a lot more fun in doctors waiting rooms than I do!

  5. Anyone who is that forward with a complete stranger has got a couple of screws loose. Don’t take it personally.

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