5 Guys, Apples and a Boat

September 24, 2010


My friend asked me if I’ve ever had Five Guys.  I replied I’ve never had One.  She said you’d love ‘em.  I wasn’t feeling comfortable.  Come to find out it was a hamburger place.  

I was at the Altamont Fairgrounds this weekend in New York State.  We all went to the “Apple Festival”. Eight dollar entrance fee to walk around vendors.  Oh there was a stand selling apples. Otherwise it had NOTHING to do with Apples. 

My buddy Flapjack Steve said while strolling through the craft fair, “ This is an EROS Festival”.  EROS?  I asked.  Yes EROS.  Endless Rows of $hit.  I said too “too bad $hit stinks, you could do so much with it”.

We went to Bowman’s Orchards to pick apples. We do this every year.  We have our rituals.  Take each other’s picture with apples under our shirts like breasts.  This year Steve had Orchitis.  LOL

Of course we also become apple theft control. We point out women who are smuggling apples.  Seriously, it’s a nice place. We pick apples for baking and eating. They have a harvest festival kinda thing going on. Nice.

The day previous I went to Lake George. I’ve never been there. We took a luncheon Cruise on the St. Sacrement de Luc.  A large ship set up for dining and entertainment with many outside decks. Very nice meal and very relaxing ride.   So relaxing that some guy fell asleep and his buddy Steve didn’t wake him till everyone was off the boat, making him wonder what the hell happened!!!


There was another ship – smaller that did hourly tours. It had a neat steam whistle system that played songs while they were docked!  I said out loud that my friend Steve would make a good bass section.  Some older woman scowled at me.  


Real Busy lately – Sorry i haven’t posted. Thanks for reading!  See you soon!



  1. You… I mean, some guy fell asleep on the cruise??? Hope he didn’t miss out on too much fun!

    I love to go to the apple orchard, even though I’m not a huge fan of apples. I think I like going because apple orchards symbolize fall, which is probably my favorite season. Went a couple weeks ago and picked up some Honey Crisp apples though. They were pretty good!

  2. Lake George is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. And I love apple picking. I am one of those women that have been known to smuggle out apples! I’m glad your busy doing FUN things!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love to pick fruit, apples, cherries, just don’t get the opportunity very often.

  4. What could be more fun than grown men stuffing their manziers with apples?

    Thank you for all the kind support you have shown me the last couple of weeks. I am touched and grateful.

  5. Funny, my daughter’s family is coming in from Arizona and one of the things my oldest grandson wants to do is “go to apple country like we did last time.” He loves it. It was a tradition with my kids and now it’s a tradition with my grandkids. But I think I’ll skip the apples under the shirts, at least until he’s older.

    Good to see you posting again …

  6. You’re funny; I love your dry sense of humor 🙂 I also love Lake George, though it’s been about 15 years since I was last there. Looks like you had a great time.

    And your little apple tradition is priceless–I’ll bet you guys are a lot of fun 🙂

  7. Fun fun!! 🙂

  8. We have several Five Guys restaurants around here. It’s good, but overpriced. And yes… there a plenty of jokes about it.

    Nice rack on your buddy, Steve, there…

    “I said out loud that my friend Steve would make a good bass section.” – LOL… too funny!

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