One second hon..

September 16, 2010

I was on a teleconference this morning with folks from Belgium. Discussing laser coding technologies for vial serialization. (what?)   Basically a mandate from some governments will require track and trace of pharmaceutical products from the point of manufacture to the pharmacy . Eluding counterfitting and mis-distribution.

This laser burns a 2d code into the glass for tracking.   I asked if there was an available application that utilized middleware that brought the data to a business system.  They said yes and gave a few examples.  One was an application where 2d codes are etched on condom packages. With this you can scan the code and authenticate the package.  I jumped in and said;

“One second hon…”

The meeting wasn’t the same from that point and completely derailed.

I do that.

Thanks for reading  See you soon!



  1. Quick thinking and a good sense of humor always makes the day.

  2. It sounds like the kind of meeting that needed a little derailing! I love when someone does that. Meetings are (yawn) boring. Good for you!

  3. Great come back for a very dull meeting!

  4. Ahahahahahahaha! That’s too funny!

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