So Much to tell…

September 7, 2010

And I don’t know where to start!  So I’ll just free-style.

Vacation in the Outer Banks was fabulous!!  So far the weather since the previous Saturday had been just what we ordered… warm, sunny…perfect!   Every day we enjoyed the beach, wild horses, warm surf, great food and some liquid refreshment…… Untill Thursday afternoon.  The Carova Beach fire department knocked on the door informing us we had to evacuate because of hurricane Earl..     I had planned on hunkering down and riding the storm. The home we rented had so many amenities that you could easily keep busy in bad weather. Plus we had friends and family and lot’s of food and drink! 

“Sir because of the storm we need to have you evacuate the area by noon”.

It was 10:30am.   The high tide was due in at noon and with the upcoming storm, the beach may not be passable.  The only way to this house was driving on the beach 8 miles.   With this I asked the fireman to wait a second and went and get the $175.00 worth of fresh food (meats, eggs, milk…) and give it to him for the firehouse.  We didn’t have enough coolers and anticipating the long drive. Why waste it.  They ate well I’m sure.  We packed up 4 suv’s in an hour and a half.  The beach was narrow and we did run into some water.  I actually enjoyed it.  When I saw that we were going to run through water, I’d say “We’re going in!!”  Like in the movie Twister.   Sand and water would fly all over the place.   Our little caravan trekked the 8 miles of beach to the paved area.  From there we re-filled the tires, and headed home.  Our rental ended Saturday. No sense coming back once we left.   But I will be reimbursed for the 2 days lost. Bout’ time my renters insurance paid back!  I can’t complain. 25 years in a row vacationing there and its was our first evacuation.

Catching up with work, stuff at home and of course blogging!  More later!

Thanks for reading!   See you soon!



  1. glad to hear vacation was good…I didn’t get one this year so I’m pretending to live through everybody elses!

  2. Beautiful – so sad you had to leave ! But what an adventure ♥

  3. We’ve been going there for most of this decade, and never hit a storm. You’re fortunate to be getting reimbursed those two days. But I have to admire you for thinking to donate all that food to the fire department.

  4. Glad you at least had some good weather. Too bad you lost a couple of days. It looks like a beautiful place to stay!

  5. I was wondering if EARL would cause for your evacuation while down there. Im glad you gave the food to the firehouse. Im sure they really appreciated it.

  6. Beautiful photos; such a shame you couldn’t stick around..I think it would be awesome (only if no one got hurt).

  7. I miss the Outer Banks. I used to go to Avon every year. It was gorgeous.

    Is that a wild horse??? I’ve never seen one!

    Sorry your vacation got cut short, but at least there’s next year!

  8. Yes, Wild horses… and they couldn’t drag me awaaaayyyy!!!

  9. Looks like paradise! I’m glad you got some money back–Good job on the insurance! 🙂

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