ET Drives a Kia

August 26, 2010

Yesterday afternoon I saw a film crew on our front walk at work.  I saw a cameraman, microphones and a snappy dressed woman being interviewed.  Up the walk an older woman was walking very slowly with a cane.  I watched the poor woman struggle her way toward the film crew. They filmed her walking towards them.  We have a very large parking lot. This facility holds 3000 people. We joke about parking. “Where you parked”, “Mickey 27, take the tram”.  Anyway I felt bad for this woman having to walk so far. She arrives at the film crew, hands the cane to the snappy dressed woman, and briskly strides to a limo. 


Kia vehicles have been around for years. Not so much prominent as they are now.  I remember back in the nineties seeing Kia Sportage’s in Puerto Rico. Then a Ford Escape-ish vehicle.  I’ve always thought that was a silly name. My brother used to say when guys wore tight pants they were showing their “Sportage”, sporting their stuff. So, every time I see a Sportage, I chuckle.  Not long ago in Florida with the kiddies I saw a Sportage. In an ET-esque voice I said “Spor-tage”.  The kids giggled like crazy – so now every time we see a Sportage I am called to duty.  Oh, and in Florida… there’s zillions of them! Those and Sorento’s.  Or should I say..” So-rennn-tos” (in my ET voice).

Spanish speaking radio stations are usually a kick to listen to. I understand a lot yet can’t give you details. I always laugh when brand names are spoken, usually in a deep powerful male voice. It’s like “blahblahblahblahblah Bud –Why –zer!” It’s always said like that! Bud Why Zer with the rolling “r”s.  Cooorz Lite!  Websites are always recognizable with  blahblahblahblah Pon-te com!   I shared this observation with the kids.  We listened to a Spanish station and they laughed.  Later that day we saw a Sportage.  I said in my ET voice “Spor-tage”, my granddaughter imitating James Earl Jones replies “ponte com”.

Speaking of Kia’s – I think this commercial is great.

I’m gonna be away for a week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!  Our yearly rental.  This year we are in off road territory, oceanfront.  Should be fun!  The hurricanes are heading to Bermuda and the 7 day forecast has the yellow balls.  I’m psyched!  I’ll fill you in when I get back!

Thanks for reading!  See you in a week!


  1. Have a great time. Man, you take more vacations than anyone I’ve ever known, you sure you aint part of a drug cartel?

  2. Ahh, the Outer Banks. I could tell right away from the picture that it was the Outer Banks before I had even read the post.

    I used to go there yearly and miss it dearly. It’s gorgeous there.

  3. I will never look at a Sportage the same way ever again. LOL!

    Let me know how NC goes. The wifey-to-be and I are heading out that way on our honeymoon here in a few weeks. We’re going down to Georgia and traveling up the coast though NC. Then we’re going to camp in the Smokies for a few nights. Should be a good time!

  4. I can’t say that I’d ever drive a Kia, but I do like that commercial.

    Have a great time there in OBX. We were there last month and the weather was great. Send us pictures.

  5. Enjoy your shore visit! Happy FF!

  6. Have a great vacation! I could really use an ocean view right now. And a margarita.

  7. Have a wonderful vacation! I remember last year it rained all week, so I’m happy for you that the forecast looks good!

  8. OMG! I love the Outer Banks of North Carolina! Have a wonderful time!

  9. Oh how funny! My husband sold Kia’s for a short while. (very short).
    I hope your trip is safe! I love the Outer Banks and I am kind of a hurricane buff so I think it would be crazy exciting to be in one (as long as everyone was safe).
    We are headed to the Jersey Shore this weekend and you never know it could be rough!
    Hope you have a great time!

  10. Are you back yet? Hope you had a great time and didn’t flaunt any sportage.

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