They Don’t Deserve it

August 23, 2010

I like to walk.  I used to run a lot until the doctor said no.  So I walk. While I was in Florida a couple weeks ago I would walk twice a day. No matter how hot, I’d put feet to the sidewalk.  Once just before breakfast, once after dinner.  My oldest grandson would walk with me. They live in a development with many winding streets and cul-du-sacs.  It was our goal to walk every inch of these streets.  So off we’d go every morning. Hat and sunglasses we’d walk and chat about whatever came up.  He’d point out interesting things and we’d look at it and talk about it. It was fun. Each trip we’d take a different route.  We used my phone GPS to note what streets we have done and how far we’d walk that day.  We’d walk miles sometimes. A few days he rode his wave board, a two wheeled skateboard  that you swiveled the rear  wheel to propel yourself. He’s pretty good at it. Go miles without stepping off. 

As we’d walk we’d look at things. I’d pointed out a house that I liked because it had a large weeping willow tree.  Every trip from that point he’d say, “ I know why you like that house..” .  We built up a number of little fun things as the week progressed.  One being reading signs backward. We’d see a sign and say the word backwards.  He thought a stop sign being pots was quite humorous.  We were walking one day and he said, “They don’t deserve it!” . I looked, there was a yellow 04’ GT.  I laughed. When I see a nice Mustang, I usually say out loud, “You don’t deserve that car, it should be mine!”.   Further investigation reveals that my daughter’s whole family says that when they see a Mustang now. Those who know me know I love Mustangs.  It hasn’t become a priority for me to buy one yet, but I will. I’m just waiting for the right time and the right car.

In their development there are a few homes being built. We’d walk past and see the progress.  I told him he needed to keep me informed of their progress.  A few days after I left I received a photo of a pile of cinder blocks from my daughter and a text saying “The inspector said to send this to you”.  So I have a photo collection of a house being built in Florida. Updates every time something big happens. 

We’d take pictures of odd things too, such as these.

I miss my walking buddy. Will walk again together in October, but have him in mind when I walk here in New Jersey.

Thanks for Reading!   I’ll get to all of you soon!



  1. That is so sweet. I remember getting a text from you during one of these walks. I can’t wait to have real conversations with my grandson !

  2. Hi,
    I always suspected you were a Mustang person. The Geezer has ’98 convertible (Electric Red!) in which I enjoy riding shotgun. Great to find your blog (again).

  3. That photo of the tree is really cool. And how WONDERFUL for you to get to spend that kind of time with your grand-son!

  4. What a cool way to spend time with your grandson. Julia and I have recently taken up bike riding. It’s a cool way to explore our town and get in shape at the same time. We have yet to see any trees or cars like that, though.

  5. OK Oscar, another one of those, Awww moments again. Good for you and your grandson…

  6. walking is so therapeutic…and much nicer with a buddy, but I find it great with my dobermans too!

  7. I’m not sure what to think of that yellow car with the smiley face. It’s certainly a good conversation piece. I like mustangs too. I don’t know a lot about them, but I’ve always loved them.

  8. I’ll bet your grandson remembers those walks for years to come. One-on-one time with Grandpa. It’s what all kids want. Nice that you made him feel special that way.

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