Who the hell am I?

July 26, 2010


Written about a week ago:

I was driving home from work one day last week and had these great ideas for posts. I was saying to myself, “Wow, this should be fun to write about!”.  And as I expected, I forgot what it was.  This makes me crazy.

I think I told you I the lease for my car was coming near the end.   So I’m shopping. Very much considering the same car again, a Lincoln MKX.  Problem is they changed the look of the car for 2011 and I don’t care much for it. (2010 left, 2011 right)  AND they increased the price.  I love what I have , and can get the same car with newer options.  But then I have the same car.  Know what I mean?  It’s a new same car. I’m a fan of US cars.  So through loopholes I decided Volvo is ok because they’re owned by Ford. I’ve Been looking at them. Test drove an XC60. Very nice. Comparably priced.  And now I test drove an Audi Q5.  I wet my pants. (figure of speech) Comparably priced.   ( Not a US car but I don’t count long history German cars. They were in competition back when Caddy’s and Town Cars were the big thing to have. These new entries are not included on my list.)  Did you know the name Lexus is Toyota’s acronym for Luxury Edition  X=transported to U S?  Oh BTW – parts inspected for Lexus that are substandard are sent for use in Toyota’s.

 I travel too much to worry about caring and worrying about problems so I keep my car current.  These cars run between 42 and 50K.  Best deal I can get as far as a lease is the 2010 MKX, the same new car.  It’s making me crazy. In this economy, I don’t want to add to my expenses.   (UPDATE – I may buy an Acura….    (What??)   Oh! Such problems eh?  I was driving earlier today behind an old Dodge Caravan. Its right rear wheel was so crooked, I said to myself, what the hell is this guy doing driving a car like that!!? I actually called him an idiot. I recall myself driving a car with mis-matching doors and hood.  What the hell has happened to me?  He pulled into a Titty Bank, (TD bank – say it fast)  and parked.  I watched him from the red traffic light.  Who am I to judge someone less fortunate?  I was upset with myself. 

Last night I Facebook chatted through my daughters account with my brother’s step daughter.  She had a child with one guy, married him, separated from him, had another child with a different father before completing her divorce.  I knew this story but not in detail. My brother only tells me the nicey stuff.  Like we all do here in our blogs. After she told me the story, I responded. “ Wow , that’s a mini-series”.   ( I Don’t understand people like that.  Who the hell am I?)  she replied “LOL you’re right!”  and we continued. I’m gonna see what I can do to help her. My brother is a diabetic, gets dialysis and has a heart condition. A way I can make his life better too I guess.

I’ve been using G-Talk. Its Google chat on my Droid. Been having fun conversations with some of you! 90% of comments approved are from my phone. I have become a gadget junkie… I approved comments recently from my pool.  On the way to the airport I had six conversations going…     I “jones” when I’m on the island (PR).  3G doesn’t work with my carrier there.  I find hot spots.

So I’m watching an episode of House that highlights “Dr.Cuddy”,  Lisa Edelstein, and it’s a chronological view of her life in a 2 day span.  I so much related. From the minute she wakes up to the end of the day, all of the BS she has to handle, Hospital administrator, single mom, dealing with people, contracts, political stress and , oh yeah, a relationship, or something like whatever that is. Now I know it’s all written television, but it does so much display what life is today for adult professionals.  Whoever wrote this episode hides in my laptop. You may have seen it. Shown from a woman’s perspective, it had an impact.  Kudo’s for equality in the workplace.  Nonetheless, today’s adults have so much more to address than our predecessors, or maybe more complicated things.   I can relate to this character.  There’s a scene where she just sits in a stairwell to be alone.  Anybody have her phone number?

The same episode has a lawyer stating high costs and “that’s why there’s expensive cars in the staff lot”.

I Do love the Lincoln.

Thanks for stopping by,  See you soon!


  1. I hate my fricking Lincoln – can’t wait to get my Jeep Rubicon – and why didn’t you buy Chevy ! I love that you won’t purchase foreign. You’ll never catch me buying anything that isn’t made here in America when it comes to my automobile 🙂 And right now I’m driving the van, so I’d be one of those unfortunate people you’d be driving behind.

  2. Chick – I wouldn’t be behind ya, I’d pull you over and fix that tire for ya.

  3. Congrats on the new wheels! My dad worked for Chrysler up until he retired, so if I had purchased a foreign vehicle, I would’ve received a speech of disapproval.

    Never tried Google Talk. Might have to check it out. Everyone has a Google account these days.

  4. Wooo hoooo! Congrats on the new car!! 🙂

  5. The car sounds niiiiice! I’ve been hinting around that it might be time for me to look at something new (and let the kids have mine.) Of course, even if that were an option right now, a Lincoln wouldn’t be in my future.

  6. Hey, Oscar … there’s a little something for you on my blog at


    Stop by, OK?

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  7. Glad to see you,
    letting out is a way to relax.


    hope that you enjoy one or two awards there.
    Happy End of July!

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