Rubber bands and Pop-overs

July 23, 2010

Those of you who read somewhat regularly, ( you must be nuts) know I travel a lot. Business travel.  I was text chatting with a dear friend today as I left the hotel , to my seat in the plane. She was talking about what was going on in her world, I was describing my journey.  Part of this chronological diatribe was telling her how some women were dressed.  I told her there were a lot of “muffin tops” .  That is people who squeeze into pants and their midriff,  kinda overflows a bit, like the top of a muffin. She said , eh that’s not too bad I guess. I replied no, but there are popovers here…

Now don’t get me wrong… there were some cuties, but I’m not gonna talk about cuties to a cutie. This woman I am very fond of.  Probably would laugh if I did. But anyway, don’t these people look in a mirror before they leave the house?  It is my opinion that everyone can be nicely presentable no matter what size or shape they are.   I told my friend about this “portly” woman who wore what appeared to be a rubber band around her guns.  No $#it, she was so ….grand, that this stretchy thing (usually worn by the smaller, thinner types ) looked like a rubber band.  The bottom of her breasts were showing and there was no science what her…  points, looked like.   It was gross!   Honey!  Look in the mirror!  Now it’s ok for a woman to flaunt her goods, but this was ……   disturbing. She got attention for sure, but for the wrong reasons.  I only hope this woman wasn’t a mother.  Is it a cultural thing?   I’m lost here.

I pulled the old arm out picture of myself while I was in the Duty free shop, with twin Saturn’s behind me for a laugh, but she walked away.

But somebody loves her.   And that thought made me cozy for her.                            ( I hope)

Well have a nice weekend!  Sorry I’ve been so busy!

Thanks for Reading!  See you soon!



  1. I prefer muffins for breakfast. Those kinds are nice to look at. The ones in that picture are not. If you have a little extra around the middle, just dress appropriately.

  2. How do you know someone loves her. Women that dress like that starve for attention. You’ll never catch me with a muffin top.

  3. I just have to say that as much as all of us women fight against the muffin top (constantly!) there is a part of me that admires a woman who has some extra around the middle (or elsewhere) and still walks proudly.

    But even though I might admire it, I’d never be able to flaunt it. I’ll keep fighting it as long as possible, and wherever I might lose the battle is going to get camouflaged.

  4. Jules and I went to the mall this evening to look for a few things. There were some enormous women in that facility wearing clothes about three sizes too small. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’m with Matty; the only muffins I like to see are the breakfast variety.

  5. My husband says that the top is the best part of the muffin.

  6. I like muffins..
    have fun traveling.

  7. Mami- you know he may be right!! 🙂

  8. I really believe some people just don’t have any mirrors in their homes. And obviously, they don’t have any friends either – because I would NEVER let any of my girls go in public looking like that photo!

  9. I’ve often wondered if they own mirrors myself. The popovers are my biggest pet peeve! Some of them have darn good bodies too and if they’d buy the right size they’d look so much better!

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