A Mid Summer Nights Cream

July 12, 2010

A good friend asked me to look after his home and take care of his cat while he goes on a cruise. He’s done many favors for me, so of course I will. He lives in town so on my way to work I stop and feed his cat, later in the evening, I’ll run over and do second shift. The poor cat is lonely and  is very much craving attention.  He’s a cute little fellow. We had a conversation:

Hi Kitty


Did you drink all your milk?


Your master feeds you too much, you’re gonna be heavy like him!


You get the drift – BUT she only answered when I asked a question, so I believe we did bond.

Today I shut off the lights from the previous night. She followed me everywhere rubbing her body against my black slacks.   Yes, she’s a mostly white cat with some patches here and there. So I brought this white fur to work.

While I prepare the cats menu (twice a day), I put on the stereo and listen to music.  He had an “Eric Clapton Essentials” CD loaded, that seemed to be fine.  I listened to it last night while I get the food, check everything, water the plants, bring in the mail, pillage his dresser, (NO) and empty his booze cabinet. (NO) (Well..)   I must have left between songs. When I arrived this morning, “Strange Brew” was playing.  OOppps!    I couldn’t find the cat.  Eventually I located the lil stinker in the basement, hiding.  She hasn’t hid before.  Guess this is one kitty who prefers milk instead of “cream“.

 Hey check out this fun post by DavisW

Thanks for reading!   See you soon!



  1. Happy monday!

  2. I’m sure the cat loves your visits, in spite of the fact that you may have offended her with the music. Although, if she doesn’t love Cream, I’d have to question her sanity 🙂

  3. Glad you found the cat!

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/07/12/the-celebrate-blogger-of-june-awards-nomination-announcement/

    vote for

    short stories,

    thank you.

  5. You’re a good friend to help out there. I guess the cat doesn’t like music. Or at least Clapton. LOL

  6. Very clever ! Poor thing was hearing voices all night. You’ve most likely tramatized him.

  7. Just don’t let the danged cat outside. I have a friend who let a dog out and forgot to let it back in (on a frigid Wisconsin night in January.) The next day, the family came to retrieve their dog from my friend, the teenage dogsitter. It was at that moment (when he opened the front door and saw them standing there) that he remembered that he’d forgotten to let the dog back in the previous night. (I am not kidding.) They found the poor dog (frozen) in the basement well window. Ouch.

  8. Haha… I’m glad you found it at least. I, for one, have never been a cat lover. You’re a good guy for helping your friend out.

  9. have a fun and relaxing day!

  10. Hope all is well? You’ve been awfully quiet online!

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