Thursday before the 4th and Itches.

July 1, 2010

It’s The Thursday before the 4th weekend. That is, Independence Day weekend, not January 21st. I am off tomorrow, starting a 4 day weekend.

With this I bring you a pre-mature:


Yes, I’m off tomorrow but will still check email. You can’t just let things smolder. A busy week it’s been. I’m on top of everything. Keep it there. So don’t bother saying “You’re checking work?”, when I’m up early online. Hey, I make the coffee….

You inherit a trait from your parents, and then your children inherit that trait, and so on.  Shouldn’t we all have everything by now?

A Philadelphia “Around Town” advertizing company wants information about Oscar’s Tavern. There IS an Oscar’s tavern in Philadelphia.   They are sending stuff to me. I’m tempted to fill them with a whole bunch of silly stuff. Oscar’s isn’t in Philly.

At lunch today my good friend LEO said he wanted to open up a “Dive Shop”.  My other friend Chip replied, “make sure it’s by water, or people will get the wrong impression!” I laughed so hard I almost spit out my beer. Um, I mean my sprite.

I just got a text from Charlene:

“I’m mad at you”


“I have poison ivy now……….ugh”.

“I have it on my neck and on my fingers,  not good”

“ Hmm let’s see, necking and holding hands?”

“yeah no”

(She makes me crazy when she says that)

“how’d you get that!?”

“I dont know – clearly from working in the yard – but I was wearing gloves the other day…..”

It’s all over this year!

yea figures

oh that really sucks – sorry I had you get it.  LOL

Then she says…” it’s not really your fault”

Gotta love her.

Poor girl, that’s all she needs.  It HAS been a bad year for that. How about all of you?

I suffered my first real bout with age this week. My niece has a party every year for the 4th. Every year I’m invited, but end up somewhere else.  This year I’m free. Asked, hey! Having your party this year.  She says “yeah, but it’s just a younger crowd”.      >uh<    But even my sister isn’t invited.  So I’m having us old folk over to swim and barbeque. Us forty to fifty five year old cronies will step off our Rascal scooters and use our walkers to get to the plank. We’ll light up our shots for fireworks and have an ambulance out front for when we keel. Blast “Summer Wind” from our victrola’s.    21 Skidoo!  (what the hell is that anyway?)

Damned kids. Wait. When I get my new choppers, I’ll let them fall into my Christmas plate.

My Lincoln MKX lease is due.  Went to a new dealer last night to look at new cars. While I was looking at Mustangs, a nice looking blonde comes over and starts talking about the car. We chat a lot, joking blah blah blah… guess she’s a pony car fan too.  Knows a lot. Hmmmm.    I tell her I’m gonna buy one someday, but I’m here to swap out my lease. She replies, “good, what can I do for you?”


So I’m re-upping for a new MKX.  I love the one I have, just an update, graphite to Steel blue, and all the new gadgets.  I’d pick that over anything else.  I’m not a “bling guy” screw Mercedes.  No pressure saleswoman. How nice. She says she’ll do me good.  OK, how about a low payment and your number…..   badump bump!  I got her business card.

Charlene is still chatting….

I have it on my hip too – that’s really itchy

 thats how you got  it. same way I did.  you had gloves on, but when you reached or pulled up your shorts/pants you rubbed your hip,


 then you scratched yourself.   Oh I feel bad. Buy Zanfel and Benadryl spray,  I’m JUST starting to stop.

 that doesn’t work for me – I’m allergic to it…the only thing that works for me is an old school trick

 that is…..

 baking soda and a splash of water – you make a paste and apply it…that’s the only thing that works for me…

 Really..that works?

 yes, the baking soda dries up the oil

 Wow , I’ll try it on what I have left!

check it out  it does get a bit messy – but it really works

 I’ll take mess over itch!   Well I hope you thwart it off.

 I know what you mean…..

 I have horror stories about poison and where it gets.

 changes the meaning of “baste the bird”

 I know – you got that right!

There you go. A public service message from the principals of Oscar’s Tavern.  Watch out for poison this year, its running rampant!

And Have a GREAT Independence Day! Weekend!!!!

God Bless The USA!!!!!

Thanks for reading, .scratch<    Hope to see you soon.



  1. Come on! Don’t chicken out–I even put a plug in for you!

    I’ve never in my life had poison ivy, and I don’t intend to get it, thank you very much 🙂 As Mom would say, “I feel for you, but I just can’t reach you!” 🙂

    Have fun, Old Fart!

    p.S. Don’t forget to link to FF somewhere in your post.

  2. What’s wrong with “yeah no” ? It makes perfect sense.

    Sorry you don’t get to go to the youngins’ party. You’ll have fun with your “cronies” though. I’d rather hang with “cronies” any day, anyway. You live a little longer, you learn a lot more, you’re not so stupid. Hanging around stupid people gets old.

  3. Happy July 4th!

  4. “Blast “Summer Wind” from our victrolas.” HAHAHA!!!

    I hope you and the rest of your cronies had a great 4th of July.

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