Dilbert and the Misfit Whackjobs

June 30, 2010

Another Wednesday.   I’m pretty busy at work and life is crazy at home. Yet I can’t figure out what’s making me miserable.  Well there’s….

My constant battle with our IT department here at work.

The constant change of management here. It turns over every 18 months, no wait, “re-organization” yes, that’s what it’s called.  Thus leaving those who were last in place, unaccountable for their messes.  A total re-education of those new board members on a project we’ve been working on for 4 years. And of course they bring with them “their” ideas…

They moved me to a new area that is very noisy!

Did I mention My constant battle with our IT department here at work.

I’m frikkin’ Dilbert! An engineer surrounded by incompetence!

We cut out Dilbert comic strips and bring them in.  They fit so well with our IT department.

Did I mention our constant battle with our IT department here at work?

And Jeannie is a whack-job.

Did I mention the constant battle with our IT department here at work?

In other news.   The wonderful Charlene, from Oscar’s Tavern fame and I were chatting this morning.  We need to run away from all the idiots.  Although we are self-proclaimed “Whack-jobs” ourselves (and no one else can say that.), we need to run away to the “island of misfit whack jobs”.  Then I thought. Yes!  That’s it!  Our own island. I suggested it and she was on board!   I said:

“we’ll only invite people we like”

“that’s  too many already”.

Gotta love her.

Although we agree on our national anthem which will be performed live as the gentleman is Charlene’s self proclaimed “husband” He’ll be our first guest. Along with Snoopy.

Thanks for reading!   We’ll see you soon!



  1. So you have a problem with the IT department yes ! And you should teach Jeannie a lesson and ignore her for awhile.

  2. An island get-away… what a GREAT idea!

    I’m getting the impression that you have some problems with your IT department?

  3. Twinkle’s feelings are hurt…surrounded by incompetence, huh???? 😦

  4. J&T :You guys know its not you! Love ya both!

  5. You gotta watch out for those IT guys. I hear they’re @$$holes. 😉

    Sometimes living on a far-off island sounds like a nice idea. I’ve wanted to do that myself from time to time.

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