More on Flying…

June 24, 2010

TAN Meleah by Meleah Rebeccah.So not only did I have a crazy flight going down to PR last week, but an interesting thing happened also. The first time I was seated, I noticed an attractive woman who looked familiar.  After a while I thought to myself, That’s Meleah!  (our lovely friend from Momma Mia Mea Culpa) .  I was positive. I started thinking to myself, “Gee, she reads my blog and always comments, you’d think she’s say she was going to PR”…  Wow, maybe we could grab dinner one night.  So once the plane was almost loaded with passengers, I got up and went to approach her and say hi.  I was just about to touch her shoulder and I heard this machine gun firing of Spanish blast out to someone in her row. 

DOH!  That’s not her! I sat down.  I texted her, to tell her about it.  She replied “ Wow really!?”  I took a picture and sent it to her.  We both had a laugh.  I lost the picture – maybe she still has it. It was blurry but it sure did look like her!      She’s a sweetheart!

And wouldn’t you know my flight back had me sitting right next to my friend Jeannie. Well her likeness too.    Maybe it’s me….

So this woman who looked like Jeannie was with I guess..her husband.  They had matching rings…duh.  When I sat down I heard him say – would you like the window seat? She said no, this is fine.   Apparently they had kids in seats behind us. The husband kept looking back.  There was something odd about these two.  The flight took off and everyone was settled. They took out their books. 

The husband asked, “How do you like the book?”

“eh, it’s not really capturing me, but let me read more and see…”

“What chapter are you on?”


“Oh it gets better around 14”

(I’m thinking to myself – WTH??!!!)

“Oh gee.. I thought it’d be better”

“ well I asked you if you wanted to try it”

“Well you didn’t say it started reeeeaaal slow”…

On and on.   I wanted to vomit.  Midflight their 2 young sons came by, one stepping on my foot ( I had on flip flops) saying hi to mom and dad. 

“Oh I see you have water”  (father)

“ yes we felt we needed to hydrate ourselves”.

(WTH?!)  Hydrate?  These kids were like 8 years old or less.   I suppose they later had to perform a bowel movement!

The meal came and the husband asks for the vegetarian…  That explained it.  Yuppie whackjobs.

The meal came with chocolate cookies, which to me is junk, so I gave them to Sub-jeannie. That broke the ice.

“You don’t like chocolate?”

“no I don’t”

“that’s odd, everyone loves chocolate”…

I continued my usual phrases about my dislike of chocolate….   The husband stopped reading his girly book and started looking over at us chatting. (girly – like…I don’t know..  )

This led to conversations about food, likes/dislikes… humorous chatter.  Steam was rising from Mr. Whackjob. His nerdy glasses were about to slip off the tip of his nose.   I had my laptop fired up and showed her a picture of Jeannie and discussed the comparison. “Wow, it kinda does?”   MJ  (Mr. Whackjob)  was peering over to see.

“so here you are with me at work…. And at lunch….”

“lol, look honey, I’ve been to New jersey already!  LOLOL”

Steam was fogging the cabin. I thought for sure the oxygen masks were going to drop.    I continued….

“well I need a swim suit photo for my collection…”

“yes  you do!  LOL   I should give you one of mine for a joke…”

That did it.

He got up and left the seat.  He went towards where the Kids were sitting, and then came back.  A minute later one of the kids asked if he could sit with dad.


Probably would have been a lot more fun if Meleah was there instead.   LOL

Thanks for reading!   I’ll see you soon!



  1. Ahahhaha! Ahahahhahah! I don’t have that photo of the girl who looked like me anymore – but it sure WAS funny! And Oscar, I’d LOVE to travel with you. I know we would LAUGH our assess off the WHOLE time!

  2. fun, fun!

  3. Nice to know you’re finding entertainment on the road 🙂

  4. I LOVE Meleah! That would have been some really great luck!

    Also, send me your chocolate next time.

  5. I love YOU Momo!

  6. LOL! You crack me up.

    And I don’t care how good mine and Julia’s relationship is; we’re definitely not going to begin reading the same romance novels simultaneously.

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