La Vida es bueno

June 19, 2010

Life is Good.  For all of you who don’t understand spanish.

A special Saturday post.  I don’t usually post on Saturday’s but I have not much to do today as I am in Puerto Rico today and a free Saturday brings torrential rain and thunderstorms.   Yup.  My luck.

So I’m at a factory well inside the island providing moral support for some folks I have working for me here.  They are buzzing around like bees working on some special testing I’m conducting.  I’m sitting on a plastic box typing. 

It’s been a busy week for me.  I flew out here on Wednesday evening.  A very long trip.  It started in Newark at 5:30 when I arrived for my 7:00pm flight.  I always get there early in case there is any problem.  At times the trip to the airport can be an adventure.   I got a slice of pizza at the food court in the terminal.  Relaxed and people watched for a while.  Went to the gate at 6:15.  They boarded us and we sat on the plane for an hour. At that point they announced, “We have a slight mechanical problem, we will be de-planing so this can be repaired”.   Augh.  Off we go back into the terminal.  I sit down and patiently wait.  Some around me weren’t patient. I travel so much it’s just another day.  About an hour later they announce they are going to change planes and they are offering food vouchers for all of us to grab something while we wait.  Another line.  People ran like they were giving out a million dollars, fighting in line.  I sat and waited until it was almost finished and grabbed my $6.00 coupon.  I went back to the pizza place and had another slice.  Continued people watching.  Where I was sitting I could see a McDonalds fast food place.  I noticed a nice looking… um “pair of filled jeans from the back”…?  and watched it wiggle to the fast food line.  Nice.    I watched as she moved up in line.  I looked at the expression the young man at the counter had when she moved up in front of him. His eyes shot out of his head.  He HAD to stutter I’m sure.  Ok, she must be hot…  She gave her order and turned towards my direction.

YES.  she was hot.  (Sorry girls, I’m just telling a story from my perspective)  A very attractive blond with a very low cut blouse.  My friends would have said something like, ” Watch out, they’re gonna jump out any minute now.!!”    Yikes.   I over heard a woman near me say, “And they wonder why they get in trouble.”   I turned to look at the woman who said that and she looked at me with a scowl. “Oh you like that don’t you!”  Huh?  When did I get married again???  Hey, she …stood out.  Not what I look for in a woman, but hey… I’m a guy.

That was the highlight of the trip as when I returned to the gate, I sat for 3 hours.  Then we changed gates. at 10:00pm-ish we boarded the plane again. I heard them say something about catering and 1st class.  Didn’t understand what they said and was just happy to get aboard for my 3 hour and 30 minute flight to San Juan.  I sat in my seat, got cozy.  We sat there until 11:30 as when they were cleaning this plane, someone spilled a very strong odored cleaner on one of the flight attendant jump seats in the rear of the plane.   They had to remove the seat and rid the fumes.  People were getting off the plane and complaining.  around midnight my 7:00pm flight took wing.  I was texting some friends while I waited. One is a blogger. They served a meal in coach, Chicken wrap and a salad. The drink cart.  Um, hello?  THEY DIDN’T give 1st class anything!!!!   >ding<   “Yes sir?” – “um, are we getting anything?”  – “No, sorry – didn’t you hear the announcement?” – “No” – “we were unable to have the 1st class cabin catered.” – “oh”.


Besides that there is always an obnoxious ass on the plane and she was sitting right next to me. Her husband or whatever accross the row. “This is rediculous, I travel every week and I nevah been through s#it like this…”  Say something Harry!”   Ugh.   The whole trip she whined….   By the end of the flight I think everyone wanted to commit murder.

Long story short, I arrived at my hotel and put my head on the pillow at 4:15 am.

It’s just another day.

Well the weather here in the Sunny Caribbean has been nothing but rain the entire trip so far. It’s raining right now.  

My hiney is hurting from sitting on this plastic box.  I’m in a clean room suit, hairnet (I;m folically challenged) and a beard net.  (it slid, I’m serious!)

La vida es bueno.  yup. “Oh you’re lucky you get to travel to Puerto Rico!!!!”   

Thanks for reading…  I’ll be here for 8 hours running a test.

I’ll probably visit you!



  1. Oh Yikes ! You have a companion with you too?

  2. Terri ! Lemme give you my boss’s phone number!

  3. Sounds like a whole lot of hurry up and wait.

  4. What is with all the stinking rain? It has rained everyday day here in the midwest. I am over it, already!

  5. Hey for forgot to mention that other woman on the plane who LOOKED LIKE ME!

  6. And yet, you keep your pleasant attitude. You’re the kind of guy I want to sit next to in a plane.

    Personally, fake boobs (like those pictured) gross me out, but I get it. Men are visual.

    Here’s hoping your testing goes more smoothly than your flight!

  7. Okay, now I’m confused. How is it that Terri’s comment shows up as being posted TOMORROW?!

  8. So, I gotta ask … is that really the “McDonald’s girl”? Did you whip out your phone cam and say “smile” … which she clearly did … or did you find a similarly endowed lady on the ‘net (wherever could you find THAT?). Just wanted to know exactly how much chutzpah … utter nerve, for those of you who don’t understand Hebrew … you have.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  9. Google images will give you anything you can think of!

  10. too cute,
    u r very funny…

    thank you for stopping by!

  11. That is one trying trip, for sure! First the airport and flight stuff, then the rain. You should get some kind of bonus in your paycheck for all your trouble.

  12. makes my flight to Texas seem pretty uneventful….

  13. As you can probably imagine, all of the words in this post were difficult to read, as I kept getting distracted by the pretty pictures.

    Sounds like a hell of a flight. Hope you don’t have to go through that again anytime soon!

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