On the Road Again take 750

June 16, 2010

Yes. I’m climbing onboard another jet. Guess where!???
DING. Give the guy/gal a prize!

Ah but there’s one thing different, I’m staying through the weekend. May actually enjoy the pool or beach.


Google weather for my destination. ……… augh.

LOL. Well its good eats anyway.
Short post from my cell.

Thanks for reading.

Imagine a snoopy next to a friend.

See you soon.

Late addition. Still on ground in Newark. Been here 5 hours. Thanks M for the company.



  1. Have a good time, wear your sunscreen and don’t forget your bikini

  2. Those weather forcasts have been known to be wrong. Hope you get some good pool and beach weather!

  3. 5 hours!?!? oh man.

  4. Hope you get some good eats.

  5. have a fun trip!

  6. Yeah, I’m way behind on my reading… but will catch up soon!

    Hope you ended up having a good trip and that the weather at least cooperated a little.

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