Bonnie St. Thomas

June 11, 2010

CO 476 SJU to EWR  4A

On my way back from Puerto Rico, a good trip. My partner and I got about 90% of what we wanted done. Not bad. Some better scope definition for the next year and a half. I’m lucky to be a co-lead on a project that could go into 2017.  But that could be changed in a heartbeat.

A recent visit to my doctor brings up a blood pressure issue. It’s rampant in my family. I was the last holdout. My 3 siblings are all on BP medication.  Guess it’s my turn.   NOT!!!    Yes, I’ll take them for a while but I will change my life if I have to as I hate taking any medication. (oh yeah, I work in Pharmaceuticals)  Hey if it helps someone, good. Meanwhile I don’t want to take them.  So I’m evaluating myself again. What am I doing wrong?  Well the doctor did say to cut down on one of my favorite pastimes. Drinking.  So let’s see.  I ripped my left pointer and ring fingers a couple years ago and it hurts to play my guitar.  I can’t go in the sun because I have a few “spots” I have to watch.  Now I can’t drink like I’d like to.  Give me the shears I’m gonna cut my you know what off. May as well, that’ll be next.

 Everything I enjoy is being taken from me.   That’s something I’ve always felt.  That’s another post.

I do want to change my life though. 

Sitting next to me is a woman who is from St. Thomas. She’s a physical therapist. Works in a hospital there. An American, her and her family left New Orleans after Katrina.  We chatted about that and I shared some things. It sounds interesting. Living in a Caribbean locale with US ties.  I guess like Puerto Rico, but as much as I like PR, I’m not sure I’d like living there.  St. Thomas…?  It’s 3 miles wide and about 13 miles long.  It can’t be that busy a place. She says it’s a relaxing lifestyle.  Hmmmm. I asked her a lot of questions about the island.  She was very informative and interesting to listen to, had beautiful eyes.

Well anyway it only added to the fact that I have to get outa Dodge. Maybe living in the same place all my life has gotten to me.  Maybe it’s time I moved the “tavern” somewhere else. Or just sell the thing and lead a simpler lifestyle.  I don’t know. Lately I don’t know what the hell I want.

This week we met a guy at the bar who was on the island for business.  He was drinking “bucket” drinks of Rum.  I don’t know how much was in these buckets but we figured out that he drank over a hundred and fifty ounces of Rum. He was getting obnoxious. He was at first flirting with a woman in our group, then it just got uncomfortable for her.  I got him wrapped up in conversation to skew him from her. I mentioned I was in the drug business. He showed me his medical technology. An insulin pump. I was like, “Dude!  And you’re drinking??!?!?!”   I’m no lightweight , but what he had would have had me on the floor.  I’m more of a wine and beer guy.  He didn’t seem fazed by my comment and continued to blab.  Eventually he left.  We had more people come to meet us so we headed to visit the lobby bar and our buddy Jessica.  When we arrived in the lobby, we saw the guy passed out cold on a sofa. He didn’t move.  My partner got a bit concerned and informed the security folks about the gentleman. Their reply was, “oh, he does that all the time”.  

And I worry about me. Sheesh!

See full size imageWell security eventually accidentally bumped his leg and he slowly reanimated.  Stumbled into the elevator and was gone. Our group finally assembled and we went off to a Japanese restaurant in the hotel. We took up a whole side of the grille table (tepanyaki?)  Later I noticed he came into the restaurant and sat alone, watching us.  I felt kind of bad and would have offered for him to join us (he did buy my group 3 rounds of drinks) but we didn’t have a seat and I didn’t want him making the same woman uncomfortable.  Ah, such is life.

Now for Few Thoughts Friday.  

  • I need to have surgery on my shoulder. The procedure is non evasive.  Small incision.  Out-patient, 2 week recovery.  They want to do it next week. I can’t. I’m back here next week, mid week.  Don’t want to do it in July as I may go to Brazil. Besides two weeks out of work would be brutal.  My physical therapist here said I may consider seeing if it heals itself with time. The cortisone shots have helped, I have better motion…. Hmmmm. What ya think?
  • Since my post that mentioned Alanis Morrisette, I can’t get her songs from “Jagged little Pill” out of my head.
  • The chef at the Japanese restaurant dropped his spatula and fork many times.  He flubbed the spinning egg flip and slice 3 times.  My big mouth has had me doing it all the time when I go to these places. I haven’t flubbed yet! I’ve done the “volcano” on my grille. So… is there a food trick class or test kitchen where a bunch of Japanese cooks sit around throwing food? “ah – spin egg – throw knife  – spin – put left leg in – put left leg out – put left leg in – and shake it all about. Hmm ,,  ah!  That work!”
  • Go figure – the same woman that was tortured by the diabetic drunk was at a Japanese restaurant with my partner and I.  The chef there was very good. But I wasn’t cozy with the sake shooting. They tell you to open your mouth and he sprays a stream of watered down sake into your mouth. Usually a gag to see how long you can do it.  He was spraying it into her mouth and saying, “ah yes baby , take it all, that’s it, I have more for you baby…”   Some women at the table were laughing. I was embarrassed.  She took it lightheartedly but told us later he was a perv. If a woman is attractive, it doesn’t mean she’s …loose.  She’s a mom of 4 and happily married.  If we go there again, and he does it, I’ll light his volcano.
  • She is attractive, but she’s good at her job and we recognize so.
  • Yeah, no drinks this flight. I have to be good.
  • This Friday thoughts thing isn’t working well today. Be right back.
  • Ok It’s Friday morning – I’m back in my office.
  • A friend of mine just came by and stood in my doorway chatting. In the middle she yawns and stretches her arms up. The blouse she wears comes up about 8 inches revealing her whole belly.  That makes me kooky.  Twinkle thinks she does this on purpose.  I hope so.  LOL

Well I have a few expense reports to do so let me boogie.   Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you soon!



  1. Dude,
    I love the Caribbean, and I love the USVI. The wife and I got married on St. Thomas and the next year spent a week on St. John. I would go back in a hearbeat. Just need to win the lottery…

  2. the poem you write in my post is cool,
    beautiful blog with beautiful mind…
    Happy Friday!

  3. You are too nice. I would have told the drunk diabetic to get bent. But, unfortunately, his condition and drinking like that will catch up to him eventually.

  4. Sweetie, seems like you need a jagged little pill, cheer up honey – We could skinny dip to make you feel better 🙂

  5. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/thursday-poets-rally-week-22-poetry-awards-more/

    some friendship stuff on the bottom of the post,
    have fun!

  6. I think maybe I could live on an island. A slower pace sounds nice.

    People who drink as much as the guy you’ve described scare me. How do they function in their everyday lives? (I guess they don’t really. That’s why AA is so successful, right?)

  7. “Everything I enjoy is being taken from me. ”

    Um yeah, I can REALLY relate to that.

    Sorry to hear about your blood pressure issues. I hope a change in diet and drinking less alcohol will help you so that you do NOT take the medication you so don’t want to take!

    And I definitely hope your shoulder issues get better soon. Surgery [even when less invasive] does require a lot of DOWN TIME and weeks of PT.

    Good luck my friend.

  8. as people always say “It’s hell getting older”! 😦

  9. I hope your BP gets under control quickly.

  10. Is the shoulder thing a rotater cuff issue? Those take forever to heal, but mine finally has (after about a year and a half.) You don’t really have to stay out of work, but I suppose it’ll put a damper on carrying suitcase/briefcase when traveling.

    As for the lifestyle changes, I wonder why resist that so much. It’s like we have to get knocked on our asses to decide to make changes. Take me, for example, sitting here on the computer for two hours, when I know I need to get my butt on the treadmill. I’m going to blame it on the rain…days and days of rain. I’m glad you’re behaving yourself and cutting back. I hate taking pills, too.

    She absolutely does it on purpose. For your sake, I hope she has a nice stomach!haha

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