Few Thoughts Friday

June 4, 2010

Ah yes, another week has hurried by.  Sure, its my favorite season. It’s gonna fly by like lightning.  But lets not dwell on that.

1. My neice’s cell phone broke.  She told me she had to save money for a new phone.  I gave her my Envy Touch phone, since I upgraded to the Droid.  She was so happy.  Her mother had it activated.  She sent me this beautiful photo asking how I liked her photo skills….

2. More from “Peep Culture”.   My friend said she needed help on a powerpoint. I said I’d send my peeps.  I went and googled peeps, printed a few out, cut them from the sheet, placed them in a plastic clear photo frame and quietly placed them on her credenza without her seeing.  Then I sent a message saying, “OK they are there. They just called from thier cell phone”.  She replied,”MMMmmm I just ate them”.  Ok I knew she didn’t because they called again and said she still hasn’t seen them.  About 10 minutes later I hear her laughing out loud. I get a message, “Thanks for the help!” 🙂 ”   Last I checked, the peeps are now by her monitor.  Guess they really are helping. I tried to call but thier cell batteries must be dead.

3. I’m off to Puerto Rico next week.  Now its a pain as its nice weather at home.  At home I can relax and enjoy pool, etc.  Now I go there and sit in meetings.  Isn’t it ironic….don’t ya think?

4. I have this odd habit of cutting out things and placing them around the house to see if people notice.  There’s a topless woman in the Westminster clock behind the pendulum.  My brother-in-law found it. Non of the women.   Hmmm.  There’s a cow in the coat closet. The kids found that.  No’one’s found Cameron yet….(diaz)

5. So I found out I need surgery on my right shoulder that has been giving me problems. A muscle is “impinged”. What??  Laparoscopically an outpatient deal. The cortisone shots I’ve recieved have helped a bit. Apparently when the muscle is compressed it expands and is squeezing between the shoulder blade and some other bone.  They want me to do it soon.       IT’S SUMMER!!!    I live to swim…  do outdoor stuff.. YOU NEED ARMS for this.  I don’t know…  

6. I’ve been asked to go to Brazil to evaluate something for my company.  I’ve never crossed the Equator. I’m excited.  Sailors used to get thier ears pierced when they crossed…..    NOT

7. As I write this, I’m chatting with Ms. Peeps.  She’s hot and cold with me. Sometimes she buzzes my office like a bee, and other times not a peep (oh I didn’t plan that…  LOL)   I used to refer to her at Oscar’s as Jeannie.

8. Speaking of Alanis Morrisette, I understand she was on Idol singing with one of the contestants.  Shame. She had a great album with “Jagged Little Pill” , and all the following were male bashing junk.  My oldest daughter matches her perfectly in kareoke.

9. I’m working from home. Sitting by a window looking at the sun and the pool.  One of the dogs just puked all over the deck.  I’m reminded of the scene from Christmas Vacation, when Clark looks out the window and see’s his brother inlaw (Randy Quaid) emptying the sewage from his RV. “Shitters full!”

10. I best get dressed. I have a luncheon to attend a few towns away. Celebrating a completed project.  WTH?  I thought thats what we got paid for.  Oh well, a few free drinks.

Have a great weekend!  Thanks as always for stopping by and reading. I’ll see you soon!

Oh!  Kudos to Bud for the best comment on the wine and water in my Tuesday Tale post!



  1. 10. I best get dressed. I have a luncheon to attend a few towns away. Celebrating a completed project. WTH? I thought thats what we got paid for. Oh well, a few free drinks.

    hahahahah! Cheers!

  2. Ok, Alanis was great on Idol but she sung with that girl finalist who needed to wash her hair and the idol finalist couldn’t hit Alanis’ notes so it was a bit off tune. You didn’t miss much. I turned it off it was bad. Be careful going into other countries. It makes me nervous.

  3. Hi, Oscar! I wondered over from The Chick’s and cute~ella’s. Just wanted to say, “Hello!”

    That photo your niece took is awesome!


  4. Hi Oscar! It’s fun reading this piece. The first non-serious post i’ve read today. Thanks!

  5. HAHAHAHA!! The picture of the dog is definitely something I would do. Cracked me up.

    It’s good to see that your peeps are helping out!

  6. Your niece knows your sense of humor! Funny photo!

    That’s funny that you cut things out and hide them around the house. I may have to give that a try. My family is not very observant. It could be a fun experiment!

    Bummer about the shoulder. How long is the recovery time? Just enough to ruin summer, I’m guessing.

    Christmas Vacation – THE best Vacation movie ever, in my opinion. I love the scene where Clark and Ellen are lying in bed after a day of Christmas tree cutting and his hands are so full of tree sap that he can’t turn the pages of his magazine without ripping them out.

  7. That scene is very vivid. I like the one where Clark is fantasizing out the kitchen window. Wait a minute..was that YOU?!haha

    You have a great sense of humor; I like that. Also, you are a sweet, sweet uncle 🙂

    You need to link up these fragmented posts on Fridays, Oscar!! 🙂

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