Few Thoughts Friday

May 28, 2010
  1. A co-worker asked me where she could get a new docking station for her laptop. I told her I could get one for her. She asked from who?  I answered, “ I have peeps”.  She replies, “Oh, but I can’t wait till Easter”.
  2. I came downstairs early today and let the dogs out. Made coffee. Let them back in and went back upstairs to shave. I came down dressed and ready to go and realized one of the dogs made two mountains and a lake.  I didn’t see it when I let them out.   I still didn’t see it.
  3. Changing the calendar next week won’t be as fun as it used to. No one’s holding a wrench.
  4. My current background on my laptop is a small .gif file of a shrimp swimming. It’s tiled. Makes people crazy.
  5. If someone tells you they have a new remodeled bathroom with a multi head shower and you should see it,  Do I show up in a towel with my rubber duck?
  6. I went to lunch with a friend today and left my phone in my office.      I was jones-ing like an addict.  It was like I was naked, and not for a good reason. In front of the class naked.  (ok, what class?)  (Call me when you got no class.. RD)


Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy it everyone and remember why we have Monday off!

Thanks for reading! See you soon!



  1. I cant go ANYWHERE without my phone! I am completely addicted.

    Your co-worker sure has a fast wit. I loved her quick come back!

    Have a happy holiday weekend.

  2. Haha this is great. Totally guilt of #2…”if you don’t see it, it’s not your problem)

  3. I just tried setting the swimming shrimp as my tiled background, just to get the effect. It doesn’t swim, though. 😦

  4. Have you been teaching things to my kids? We seem to have a similar problem when the cat hocks up a fur ball.

  5. #5 No to the ducky but a big 10-4 to the towel. I MEAN JUST the TOWEL……..

  6. Aren’t you the witty one this week?! And do you have the shrimp thing as your background strictly to bother people, or because you actually enjoy it? (I’m curious.)

    Gotta love two shower heads! Yes, bring a towel and your rubber duck. Just don’t drop the soap!haha

    Left my laptop home when we went camping; it was wonderful. Did do a little texting/tweeting, though. Is that wrong?

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