Eric and The Fishing Trip

May 25, 2010

One day, Eric gathered up enough money to go on the fishing trip he’d been wanting for a long time.  He got all of his fishing gear, a sandwich, a small cooler of drinks and his money and started walking down to the pier.

As he walked he bumped into Elizabeth.  She was unhappy. She lost her lunch money and had nothing to eat.  Eric offered his sandwich figuring he’d survive.

Further along, he met his friend Charlie.  he was so thirsty, he was dehydrated and had a bad headache.  Eric offered his cooler of drinks to see his friend feel better.  He figured he’d manage the day without his cooler and drinks.

Down the road, he notices a young girl standing by the ice cream truck crying. She didn’t have enough money for a popcicle.  Eric offered to pay for it.  He had enough to get on the boat.

Just before he got to the boat, he bought some bait. Can’t fish without bait he thought to himself.

Arriving at the boat, he reached into his pocket for the $5 he needed to get on and realized he was short.  He put his rod and reel down to run and borrow 5o cents .

He was able to coax a friend to lend him the 50 cents. Came back and his pole was gone.

So was his day.

Ever feel like this?

Thanks for reading – See you soon!


  1. Yes…

    I’m sorry you had a bad day.

  2. I feel like this just about every day. Most days, I consider myself fortunate enough to have the legs to carry me to the river. But, there are other days, however, when I wish I still had my pole just so I could hit people with it.

  3. Eric had a good day being of service to others, tarnished by the act of an unhappy person. I’d think Eric feels good about his actions, even though he’s pissed at the thief. Maybe the thief was run over on his way home. We can hope …

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  4. OMG that sucks. But I feel like that everyday ! Smile honey it’s more becoming.

  5. all the time! Poor Eric & Charlie!

  6. Yeah… I have days like that every now and then. Life often isn’t fair. Just gotta make the best of it.

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