Have Another Shot

May 21, 2010

We’re looking at life today from behind the Bar at Oscar’s tavern.

Well kind of.   I had to go back to the doctor to get another shot of cortisone for my shoulder.  Flew back from PR last night and didn’t ride 1st class. So needless to say it was tight and wasn’t comfortable.  I Am spoiled.

But I am nursing it now. Working from home. Got the shot earlier today and was told to rest it. So I’m thinking the best way I can relax is to lay back on a lounge chair by my pool (open but not ready yet) with my sling, an ice pack and a bucket o’ Smithwicks.  I got the OK from Charlene and other associates.  I have my laptop here, check work email and chats.  It IS a beautiful day.  Following these kind of shots pain usually gets worse before it gets better. So I’m prepping.  LOL

Yes! I AM doing what the fine doctor said right? 

Have a great weekend! 

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!

(16 – I can’t get my button working)


  1. No your not. I don’t think typing qualifies as resting your shoulder my dear. Feel better 😦

  2. Neither are arm lifts of the beer to your mouth.

  3. I thought a cortisone shot was supposed to last for months. And here you’ve had another already? Feel better soon.

  4. If you’re not supposed to move your shoulder, that’s all the more excuse to have people wait on you. You need one of those beer hats with the straws that go down to your mouth. Folks can just come by and top you off every now and then as you sit by the pool.

  5. Great idea!

  6. superb post, lovely photos,
    I especially like the last one, cute puppy!

  7. Ouch, cortisone shots are painful. I hope you really ARE resting and relaxing!

  8. I am. And its making me crazy!!!

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