Just a Post #25 or 6 to 4

May 19, 2010

Well those who follow, know I’m in Puerto Rico this week.  Business.  It’s never pleasure.  Rare opportunities.  I was going to call this post “Torture”, as I sit in conference rooms and look out at beaches, palm trees and blazing Caribbean sun. But there are a lot of crazies who Google “torture” for other reasons…..And to be led here.. yikes!

My shoulder is killing me. Last week the Doctor told me I have tendonitis of the rotator cuff. Gave me a cortisone shot and away I went expecting it to feel better in a couple of days. Well it’s worse now.  Here’s a true marker.   I went to the lounge at the Hotel on Monday and couldn’t pick up a bottle of beer.   Now this again is torture!  Ok left-handed.  But you always reach by habit with your right. So it’s like Hmmm, I’ll have another sip of beer, ….augh!!!! $#it. Left hand.  Oh and of course my buddies here are making jokes. “he’s got a different woman tonight”   Driving has become difficult so Jack (from Oscar’s) is here and he’s driving. By the way he almost launched us coming back today as he didn’t see the huge speed bump and we leaped like the General Lee in “ha speed pussute”.

So our favorite barmaid is pregnant.  Monday evening one of our other favorites Jessmarie greeted us and said “Oh great news, Jessica is pregnant!” 

“Oh Really, wow ‘ nice right?”

“Oh yes”

“how far along is she”

“2 weeks”

the boys chime in….” Weren’t you here 2 weeks ago…”


“”hee hee”

So I instructed Jessmarie not to tell Jessica I knew.  So when I saw her I would say..”my you look different, like a glow”

Tuesday I did exactly that.  She said, “Well I’m pregnant”

“Oh WOW, congratulations!  ”

She told us all about it and how she has been trying “but that was fun too (she says.laughing)”

But then I caved in and told her I was told. She laughed. Punched my arm.

Thanks for reading!  Hope to see you soon!

BTW a friend made me that box on the side! Isn’t it cool!  So now I have my Snoopy on all the time!



  1. Damn… that has to be rough, sitting inside all day when you could be out on those beautiful beaches. I hope you at least get SOME time to relax and take it all in.

    Congrats to Jessica on the soon-to-be offspring.

  2. It’s really hard to feel sorry for you in your conference room – you still get to leave it at the end of the day and sit at the bar……..Congrats to your friend, hope she has an easy pregnancy, Safe travels ♥

  3. That WOULD be torture having to look out the window at the sun and sand and not be able to go out and enjoy it.

    Congrats to your friend! Two weeks? She IS excited.

  4. Have a fun trip,
    Happy Saturday!

  5. I’m VERY sympathetic regarding shoulder pain. I have spent slightly over a year experiencing the effects of a frozen shoulder — therapy, exercise, etc. I chose NOT to go through surgery or cortisone treatments. It IS amazing how much our shoulders play an important role in daily life. *sigh* Hope you are getting relief.

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