No Ham, No Peas, No Problem

May 13, 2010

A few days ago we didn’t take anything out of the freezer to thaw out for dinner. It’s days like this we just order out. Not a big fan of this, I’d rather just go out in this case but we didn’t.   We decided on the local Italian place.  We have a menu stored and I was collecting orders.  My youngest wasn’t home so I texted her. ” Gennero’s – what would you like?”   she replies, “Penne Vodka – No ham, No Peas”.  And Of course I reply, “No Problem” as I continue singing the Kenny Chesney song.  She replies , “AH   LOL”  No one else in the house understood.

Silly bonds and little things with your kids is always fun.

Opened the pool this past Saturday. The water is a bit low because I left the cover pump on and flew to Europe (remember).  Nonetheless, it was clear, a few leaves that snuck in, but overall clean.  Then the lord decides to have some fun with me.  We had a lot of VERY high wind. The minute it was off it started. Every leaf, pine needle and pine cone within a 50 mile radius was funneled into my pool.  Now the water level was low so I couldn’t run the filter yet. SO I have a pool full of clean water and a beautiful collection of pine cones. needles and green leaves. Anyone need pinecones to make wreathes?

Hey – Guess where I’m going next week?     Show of hands?    um – yes, you.  Puerto Rico?    Ding Ding Ding Ding!!  Give that lady a prize!   My second home.  Rumor has it I have a family there. Meet my sons’ Jose’ and Hose B.   (old one, I know) 

Have a great day!

Thanks as always for stopping by and reading!   I’ll visit you soon!



  1. Have a great trip, I’m headed to Boston in June so excited. Not PR, but still its’ away 🙂

  2. I think Murphy’s Law paid you a visit with that pool fiasco. That stinks.

    Back to Puerto Rico again! You DO go there a lot. But I guess if you have to travel, you can’t complain about PR.

  3. Thanks Terri

  4. Boston is fun!

  5. I have a couple good dinners coming up that you’ll like very much!

  6. Must be fun to always go on trips like you do. Have a safe one O 🙂

  7. Oldy but goody is right! 🙂 I’m surprised you wouldn’t mind eating out; Mr.4444 gets so sick of eating out (while traveling for work) that he’d rather just grill something or get desperate and have me bake frozen chicken nuggets, HAHA)

  8. Hah. Hadn’t seen this blog yet. This is good stuff. You’ve earned yourself a reader.

    If I had a pool, I’m fairly sure the same thing would’ve happened to me. Such is my luck.

    Have fun in Puerto Rico!

  9. Thanks Mike!

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