There Goes Elvis!

May 3, 2010

We use a lot of classic movie lines around my house.  No, not “ I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” “ Here’s lookin at you kid” or “ Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn”.

More like, “ I remember at times like this what my dear old dad used to say…..What ya doin’ in the bathroom all day and night!, Why don’t you give someone else a chance!”   From Young Frankenstein, a staple of entertainment in our world.  When my oldest was about 10 we were out as a family to Red Lobster restaurant.  Hearing her grandfather and I talk about his “blue car”, she proudly whinnied out loud like a horse.  There are hundreds of lines we use from that movie.

“What knockers!   Thank you doctor”  “Put the candle back”  “did you make that yummy sound?” and the famous, “Walk this way”…

Roll Roll, roll in the hay…..

More recently, in the movie, “Runaway Bride”, Maggie(Julia Robert’s) grandmother comments about Richard Gere. “ I like his tight buns”.  The women in the scene are in shock and respond. Grandma responds, “Well I Do” cheerfully.    So very Waltonesque, at bedtime especially when I visit my daughter in Florida, we just start shouting “Well I Dooooo!!!!

My grandkids in Florida like to make me lose at air hockey.  While we’re playing, they say ” Hey there goe’s Elvis!”  Yo King!”  from Beetlejuice.  So I look away, and let them shoot the puck into my goal and giggle. 

Those things you do as a family.

Flight whatever, SJU to EWR Friday. 

Upgraded again, ended up sitting next to a higher lever manager from my company.  Good / Bad.  Good as I can “in conversation, vent and get response, bad as I can’t have as many wines as I prefer.  Probably good overall.  LOL  (Funny how “LOL” Laugh out Loud” isn’t really used for laughing out loud as much. More so a chuckle or tongue in cheek.)  ( or even a huh huh, when we may suggest something we’re not sure of the outcome, ie: Wanna neck?  LOL )

It’s been a productive week.  Very. Yet I am still in a quandary where I’m going. Our company is changing so much with no internal direction. We’re just doing what we have to do and not questioning it. Very uncharacteristic of us. Usually we are very specific, look for value, and increases in efficiency and cost. Now we are in limbo, wondering what the hell is going on. Meanwhile we are missing out on projects that benefit us.   Politics.  50% of my job.

For a gentleman my age its not time to switch.  This is usually the time most coast and start examining retirement options. (I’m 53).  I’m not that way, I still want challenges and new frontiers.  Yet the new organization is limiting us to addressing the norm. No room for growth.   I have 17 months to lifetime benefits. Never before since I was 14, did I actually wish I was older.

Well anyway, (bad sentence structure, but I don’t care)  I’m heading home. Big party tomorrow for my grand-daughter. The official 1 year old party. (she’s already 1, but THE PARTY is tomorrow (Monday if I get to post this beforehand.) ( I talk a lot in between what I say don’t i?) (Yes I do) (oh ok)

AM I nuts? (no you’r e not) (you sure) (yeah) (OK).

It’s a smooth flight. They played “Princess and the Frog “ again.  I’ve watched it a few times.  I don’t listen, I just look at the pictures. Don’t need dialog with movies like that. Especially Disney animation.  Two people – usually different, end up together happy. They throw in hidden adult humor, and life is good.

It is.

Now if I can only figure out where I’m going.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!



  1. We used descriptions from sitcoms to describe things like – “heat-seeking stretch pants” from the golden girls, “man-hand” from Seinfeld.

  2. We have a lot of lines from “The Sandlot”… “You’re killin’ me Smalls!”… from “Mean Girls”… “Boo, you whore!” and “I can tell what’s going to happen before it happens. I think I have ESPN or something.” And a hundred more that of course, I can’t think of now because I want to.

  3. Love your movie lines.

    At fifty-five, I started my own business (consulting) after being a big company guy for thirty something years. We had a great run and it was an experience I’d hate to have missed. Retirement never seemed very attractive, but here I am. I think at sixty-six, I realize that most of the time, I only THOUGHT I knew where I was going. Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep me from trying to figure it out.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

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