Sin’s a good man’s brother

April 29, 2010

Flight 470 to SJU 4B

(this post was written Tuesday)

I dreamt about Diane Lane last night. Maybe because the movie “Must Love Dogs” was on the TV, and the other day I caught the end of “Under the Tuscan Sun”, Or perhaps because she reminds me of a dear friend of mine. Nonetheless, she was naked and it was all good. On my way to Puerto Rico again. This flight has individual monitors mounted in the back of the seat in front of you. You can choose from many options. Stupid thing is as soon as you get away from the mainland, the signals are lost. How is that? It’s satellite, right? Everyone’s screen is blank except a gentleman one row up and to the right. He’s watching “He’s just not that into you”. The scene where Jennifer Connolly comes to her husbands’ office and tries to seduce him (meanwhile he’s cheating and there’s a woman in the closet) is on. He pushes her back and doesn’t react. I think it would be great if Jennifer Connelly came to my office and did that. If anyone see’s her today would you let her know?! Jennifer Aniston is in this movie too, she can come also.

Must be my time….

A better place

The recent death of a family friend and reading Terri’s post about her cat Holly dying had me thinking.  I read her post on my phone and wanted to respond but had too much to say. Of course you say you’re sorry and feel sad for them.  Pray for them.  Offer kind words.  As I do for everyone who suffers a loss.  I wanted to say “She’s in a better place”. But I think a cat would be happy at home with her family.  A man who is killed would want to be home with his family.  So are they really in a better place?  I don’t want to get too far into religion, I may lose readers.  If one is truly happy in their life, what would be any better?  Being in another place, away from those you love?  Floating on clouds watching them?  I’m not thinking so.

But then again, who’s that happy.

So in short, I’m no longer saying “So and so is in a better place now”, because I really don’t know that for sure and a pet loves nothing more than being with it’s family.   The only better place I can come up with is being separated from pain and suffering.  You still end up somewhere else.

Oh!  Drew Barrymore is in that movie too!   yeah sure… c’mon in!

“just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in”.  So if I’m a dog and I die, and go to that Better Place,  and I’m relaxing with bowls full of kibble and steaks, chew toys and plenty of cats to chase, why would I be watching my family? Because that’s where I’d rather be!!! Perhaps I should be haunting the house, snooping around, and finding out a year later they replaced me!   They replaced me!!!  WHAT!!! 

This is a morning flight, no wine yet.

My bowl in the kitchen is gone and there’s a new one that says “Fluffy”.  WHAT THE HELL KIND OF NAME IS FLUFFY!!!!  OH!  ( Imagine  a Sam Kinnison tirade of Oh oh ooooooooH!) They let this new “bitch” poop right in the middle of the yard, not along the edge LIKE I HAD TO!  (Suddenly I’m feeling like Sandy from Sandy Says)   And look at this!  Sleeping right between my masters!   That’s MY spot!  I hope she farts.

OK that’s enough.

A few days ago I woke up with a sore in my mouth.  (no, it was before I was with Diane) I thought to myself, hmm , it’s just a cold sore or something.  Ignored it.  3 days later it’s still there and right by my wisdom tooth. I still have them, that’s why I’m still smart.  Yesterday, and the day before, I started putting Anbesol on it, and took Tylenol for the discomfort. It helps.  I’m not so sure about it being a sore anymore.  And off I go to PR.  Keep your fingers crossed it goes away or waits till I get back. I scheduled an appointment for Saturday morning with my dentist. Yes the day of my grand-daughters party. 

If Jennifer, Jennifer, and Drew show up in my office, should I tell Diane about it?

Yesterday while I was working from home, the TV was on and “Law Abiding Citizen” was on. A good movie with Jamie Fox and this other guy I can’t name but he was in “The Ugly Truth” with Kathryn Heigl. (I didn’t like that movie, but there was a funny line in it, “Flick your bean”.)   Anyway, when it went to credits, a familiar Grand Funk Railroad song began to play.  It immediately grabbed my ear and I was thinking to myself, wow I haven’t heard that song in years!  I couldn’t remember the title until it showed up near the end. Sin’s a good man’s brother.  Hence this post title.

Kate Beckensale wasn’t in that movie but should have been.

Pray for Holly and her family.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!undefined

( A Thursday update, the tooth is holding out!)


  1. Gerard Butler. I think. Pretty sure he was the guy in The Ugly Truth. I’m too lazy to google it.

    I hope that sore isn’t an absess. Good thing you’re getting it looked at soon.

    I love Diane Lane. Love Under the Tuscan Sun. One of the best chick flick movies ever. I wanted to be her when I saw that. Living in Italy. Completely remodeling a gorgeous old house. Well, I guess she wasn’t all that happy, but she found her happiness eventually. Great movie!

  2. …. and thank you for the prayers. Losing a pet is so hard, but there is something about knowing she was really in pain that makes that tough decision easier to bear.

  3. I cannot believe you still have your wisdom teeth!

  4. I was sooo sad for Terri.

    And I love the movie “Law Abiding Citizen”

  5. how nice to see you today,
    I missed you!

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