A Real Long Weekend

April 1, 2010

Well it’s Thursday here in Oscarland and I’m writing this post during my lunch break.  I should go get something to eat but I’m thinking I may leave early today.  It’s a holiday weekend,  the place is already half empty, I only have one more meeting at 2:00 and that won’t last long.  We’ll see.  

I take the day off for Good Friday every year.  So Theoretically I will start a vacation this afternoon.  As I’ve mentioned I am taking next week off to go and visit my daughter in Florida.  I am anxious and can’t wait to go.  May even try to relax.  LOL   But the kids will keep me hopping (Easter..get it) and it will be a busy trip as well.  All good.  Not sure if we’ll get the ol’ rod and reel out yet, but hey, who knows.  I’m just so looking forwrd to the warmth of the sun and enjoying the time with the family.

Not sure I’ll get much time to post so I want to wish to those a Happy Easter!  And Happy Passover!    This time of spirituality is a reminder that we should look at ourselves and family to see what keeps us together.  Examine our faith.


OK, I have decided to leave after my meeting…..   It’s beautiful out here in New Jersey today.  Maybe stop and say hi to my buddy Charlene on the way home.  I’m sure she has a few cold ones in her fridge…. Start it out right!

 Enjoy The weekend  Everyone!

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!


(I know… The crucifix, passover wine, and a naked easter bunny.  No ill intent.   If I made the bunny smaller you couldn’t read the silly message, so…)



  1. Enjoy the trip. My parents live in Englewood, near Sarasota.

  2. Have a happy vacation and a wonderful Easter!

  3. Have a great trip! Enjoy your time off. Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter Oscar !

  5. hope you had a FABULOUS holiday weekend!

  6. I have you are having a wonderful vacation!

  7. hope it’s an enjoyable trip! 🙂

  8. I hope you believe in “better late than never…” A belated Happy Easter to you and yours. And I hope you are enjoying your vacation with family. Safe travels.

  9. I have to admit; she IS hot. I especially like that her boobs appear to be real. Just sayin’. Happy Belated Easter 🙂

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