Back to Abnormal

March 31, 2010

Well I think it is anyway.  Finally caught up with myself from last weeks junket.  It was fun.  

I had a visit from my cousins from L.A. , Canada and Alexandria, Va.  They showed up Friday night.  I went with them and my sister to a local pizza joint we like and had a few pies and brews. Yes, this  was directly after unpacking from the Zurich flight, so needless to say I was a tad blinky as the hours moved on.    They came by Sunday again for dinner.  I don’t see Canada and Alexandria often.  L.A. I see a lot as she is a traveler too and swings by when she can. I’ve been to her place when I’m west cost.

Spring has arrived here.  Lot’s of signs. 

Been busy here at work catching up and now its Wednesday already.  I’m in tomorrow then I traditionally take Good Friday off.  So from Friday to Monday the 12th I’ll be on an actual vacation!!   Yes, travel, but not business!   Going to cozy , warm ol’ Florida to spend the holiday and following week with oldest daughter and her family. I’m so looking forward to it. 

Still haven’t finished my taxes.  It’s not hard, I just don’t feel encouraged to see how much I’ll owe.  Been years since I’ve gotten anything back. 

They are re-locating my office again.  I’ll be back in an area I stared in 16 yers ago.  LOL   Go figure. Same building for now.  I just have to pack up my office before I go on vacation, plus finish my taxes, and my daughter’s. (youngest) and some work paperwork, expense reports, G&R’s (Not Gun’s  N Roses)( Where do we go now…where do we go!!!  Where do we go now, ah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah, where do we go….ooohhh!  Where do we go now, eye yi yi yi…..)  OOps sorry , like that song.  I’ll have to pack up the new batch of Starburst candies someone left me.  They’re tyring ta kill me I tell ya!

I’m tired.  have a great day!  Will post before I escape!

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. You’re a trooper, going out with the cousins immediately after returning home from a week of traveling.

    Good that you’re getting a vacation. It sounds like you need it. Enjoy the time with your family!

  2. welcome home, and have fun while you gone vacationing!

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