C0 #79 To EWR

March 26, 2010

This has been an exciting and busy week for me.  The opportunity to visit two European countries I’ve never been to, and a surprise  path through Germany.   Belgium was a wonderful country.  The Northern part closer to the Netherlands, which I have been before,  speaks a dialect of Dutch. The middle and lower portion speaks French,   a country I’ve yet been to but have flown over many times. (As I write I’m over the UK.   CO #79 ZUR to EWR, 1K )  When I initially arrived in Brussels, I recognized the French advertisements and could read them. Rarely my three years of French in high school gets used. (OK, the French teacher was HOT, and of course WHO was her pet?   Moi!  )  It was fun trying my linguistic abilities.  I realized quickly, it’s been years.  Like all European countries I am fascinated with the old architecture. It is wonderful!  Especially the old churches and cathedrals, whose artwork and craftsmanship are such that the Sheiks from the Emirates couldn’t even think of having.  Also you’ll see ruins still form World War 2.  Still standing are buildings that were never repaired.  You relive an era.         The people in Belgium were very friendly. Like most places I visit, they speak English very fluently.  I only wish I could respond accordingly.  I can do Spanish and French,  but most of the time they will adjust to English. Are they telling me something?  LOL  

Like Belgium, Switzerland was a beautiful country.  To compare, sorry Belgium.  The Swiss win.  Perhaps because it was more green.  I will give Belgium another evaluation, its seasonal. Lower in latitude, it is warmer. Well except in the snow covered Alps, which we flew over and could see from Zurich.  Switzerland is so clean.  Everywhere I went things were in order. I passed a “neat” junkyard”.  It was OCD heaven.  Their language is territorial like Belgium.  The area we were in was predominantly German-ish.  (Like I’d know. It’s all foomften floggin to me.) I always research a few words of gratitude to share. Like:

Please    –  Thank you  –  Hello –  goodbye –  yes/no –  Thanks for your assistance/help – beer –  wine – food  –  you are pretty –  not gay – more beer  – check –  telephone – 1 though 10.

 I pepper these in as I speak.  They smile and probably think I’m nuts.  

I think if I were to relocate to a country in Europe, It would be Switzerland.   It’s further south and you know me…..  The lower part of Italy has been the most south I’ve been to. Warmer, but… um…  crazy.  I’ve been to England (UK) , Italy, The Netherlands (Holland),  Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

By the way as you’ve read we ( you and I ) have passed over Ireland.  (OK, in MY real time) My next conquest!  I think I can rustle up a trip there as my new organization has responsibility there.  I was transferred into more of a research organization.  Good I guess as manufacturing in the states is dead.  Thanks to the democrats (oops sorry) .  My travel will change more to Europe and Asia versus my cozy warm Puerto Rico.  The new group is a good rounding for my career.  More scientific. Now I can be the Mad scientist.   I can now “Blind you, with Sci-sci-sci-science”, to Quote Thomas Dolby. With this comes not being caught up in supply chain, that is manufacturing deadlines.  Yes, there are completion dates, especially in new product launches, but once its done, it’s pretty much gone.  Like kids, you nurture them to go out into the world, but are ready for them when something goes wrong.

Well as always the wine kicks in and I get tired.  This trip is 8 hours.  I’ll fill you in more about Europe later. Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading …  will see YOU soon!  Sorry I have been behind reading your posts.



  1. Hi O, just droppi’ by to say, well, hi 🙂

    LOL on “I pepper these in as I speak. They smile and probably think I’m nuts.”

    Keep having a wonderful time, take care.

  2. I have always wondered how the French speak French and the Germans speak German when they live just across the river from each other.

    If I were to live in Europe, I would live in Bavaria and visit Switzerland.

  3. Sounds exhausting. When are you finding time for sleep?

  4. “They smile and probably think I’m nuts.”

    Oh Oscar, you always make me laugh!

  5. You are so lucky to be able to travel for your job and see such beautiful countries as you do! Maybe next time, you can make it a vacation spot!

  6. “not gay.” That is too funny; I love it.

    NO!! Go wash your mouth out with soap! Manufacturing is not dead! Mr.4444 has sold more than $6mil in the last year; he says it’s picking up, in spite of the dems 🙂

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