Woensdag reist

March 24, 2010

A busy day today – We started in Beerse, Belgium.  Not far from the Netherlands and ended up in Zurich.  Switzerland is a beautiful country!  Hotel here isn’t as fancy as in Antwerp but its a place to rest.  Walked into town and went to a fine local resturant.  Here’s to Swiss beer!  Tomorrow is a full day with the Swiss in Schaffhaussen!

Its midnight again.

More later!

Thanks fo reading – I’m behind reading your posts, promise to catch up!



  1. Swiss beer? They’re not really known for their beer, are they? Is it good?

  2. Most of Europe makes great beer! I try the local brews in every town I go to. Yes, the swiss pilsner I tried was good! All 5 of them!

  3. Im glad you sound like you are enjoying yourself!

  4. Light or dark?

  5. Well aren’t we the world traveler. I guess hotsy totsy shrimp will seem pretty dull after the world traveler returns. Glad to see your having a good trip after everything that has been going on. See ya when you get back.

  6. Both!

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