If it’s Tuesday , This must be Belgium

March 23, 2010


Wow what a busy day(s) it’s been.  Lot’s to absorb.  Belgium is nice!  The city of Antwerp is beautiful. Such great old architecture. There is a cathedral a few hundred yards from my hotel that is just facinating!

It is truly an exciting experiance for me.  Yes, I spent most of the day in a conference room, but the whole ride has been fun. I’m putting faces to names and voices i regularly speak to. 

There are a lot of tall people here. I’m 5’10’ and I feel small.   And for you ladies..skirts, stockings and high boots are popular. (Yeah, they are nice!)  🙂

Its midnight here, which is 6:00pm back home on the east coast. 

Went to a resturaunt that is literally in a basement of an old  building. (1600;s)  You have to walk down a basement door, yes the kind with wings.  Down 7 steep stone steps into what looks like an old wine cellar.  They cook all the food in a hearth fired by wood.  We had a delicious assortment of meats (lamb and beef), Baked potato, vegetables, salad and of course… Belgian beer.    VERY NICE.  For dessert, we had a core’d apple that was drenched in liquour, in foil on the fire. When it is done cooking, they put ice cream and whipped cream.   Oh ..My …god!    ME, raving about a dessert?   YES!

Gotta pack up tonight as we are flying to Zurich tomorrow at 3:00pm, so I have to say goedenacht!

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!


  1. Oh, wow… it sounds incredible! Adding Belgium to the list of places I want to see someday. That desert sounds delectable!

  2. holy WOW! Thanks for posting these photos! This is amazing!

  3. What a fabulous trip – stay safe and away from Hostiles !!!!!!

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