The Red Dress

March 15, 2010

Those who follow Oscar’s Tavern know of my partner Charlene.  Charlene is a good friend of mine.  I’ve known her over 15 years.  We’re just friends.  No, not with “benefits” or anything like that.   She has her person of interest and I have mine.  But we’re buddies. We can talk about anything. Sometimes our conversations can get a little crazy.  But we understand and know each other real well. We’ve been out together, seen each other at our best and worst times.  Cry on each others shoulders.  A true friend. I love her.  Some say it’s ” like a movie…”.

A few days ago, she came by my office.  She was in my building for a reason and stopped by.  She wore this “sweater dress”.   It was a bold red, buttons on top …very well worn.  Nice stockings…   Yikes.    I can still see it.   When I was talking to her I was turning away not to stare.  Afterwards I told her via communicator (like IM) how well she looked.

Like most women, she said I was crazy, disagreed and said I only say that because we are friends.  But finally I got through to her. She doesn’t take compliments well.  So now I tease her.   I’ll send a text,” MMM red…”.   It’s a fun thing now, but SHE DID LOOK GREAT.  Funny how you know someone real well, and sometimes you are like, “Wow, she’s MY friend!!!?”   It had to be the dress…. oh and she IS an attractive woman.

So she follows this up with this, so she tells me:

For St. Patricks Day.   

I can’t wait!   It’s fun to have friends like her!  But you know….  I’ve seen her in boots, dirty cut off jeans and a sleeveless tee.  She was cute then too.   I guess its just fun seeing your friends when they are at thier best.

On another note, it’s been one hell of a weekend here in the North East.  Lots of rain, some flooding in my area. Another friend had her home surrounded by water.  The folks at the weather channel said if it were cold, it would have been 4-5 feet of snow. Can you imagine that!?   We had a lot of downed trees.  A home near me was cut in half by a large oak tree.  5 People killed in the NYC area.

I am so anxious for Spring now. Some of the bulbed plants are starting to come up already. I hope Spring is here.

Why do we change clocks anymore?!?   It makes no sense. If its an issue with school children and darkness, adjust the schedule.  I don’t see any point in this rediculousness.  No one else does this!!  Perhaps I should move to Arizona, they don’t follow Daylight savings time.

Started my taxes last night.   Whoopie!   This should be good…  

Well Happy Monday!  

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. A good friend is a good friend….man or woman. Your friend just happens to be female and attractive.

    I think we’re all in the same “boat” here with mother nature. I’m tired of the cold, the snow, the rain, the staying inside all the time. Bring on the spring.

  2. A lot of women have a hard time accepting compliments! I LOVE that green sweater dress, and I wish I had one in RED! That’s my favorite color.

    I like that you have such a good friendship with Charlene. I have a relationship like that with my friend Brian Dawson.

  3. PS: I LOVE the time change. Only because it will NO LONGER be DARK at 5pm!

  4. Okay…one big question…do men really LIKE stockings still?

    I love sweater dresses. They look really good on most women and I especially like them with boots. Maybe it was the bold color of her dress or just the whole combination of things. I think it’s sweet that you made her here your compliment. Sometimes compliments from friends mean more than other types.


  5. So, Billy Crystal was wrong in When Harry Met Sally? You can have women friends? (Just kidding)

    I’m in AZ for the week … it is indeed beautiful at this time of year … 70 degrees and sunny. Still not hot enough to bring the scorpions out!

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  6. I am so over changing clocks. Enough, already!

  7. I do!

  8. Awww, that was so nice, your such a sweetie

  9. Charlene is lucky to have such a good friend. And tell her to learn to take a compliment. If you said she looked great, then it’s true. 🙂

  10. If I looked like that woman, I would definitely buy that dress in three different colors. That said, I don’t turn down any compliments, haha.

    This reminds me of a sweet thing Mr.4444 said to me the other night at Friday fish fry at a local bar. I was jabbering away, and he interrupted me to say, “You are so beautiful.” And now that I think of it, I rolled my eyes. Shame on me! 🙂

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